October 1, 2022

Mushroom are a quite superb meals. People enjoy them on pizza. If you’re a vegetarian, they’re a top notch – and delicious – source of protein.

And recently, people have become pairing them with…chocolate.

That’s in step with a Pinterest take a look at, noted through USA Today earlier this month which reports an uptick in searches for Mushroom chocolate bar and mushroom chocolate milk.

Mushrooms are absolutely tasty and flexible, but do they actually pair nicely with chocolate?

Honestly, who are we to judge? There become a time when a number of our most popular Bucks County milk chocolate offerings inclusive of chocolate-included pretzels or chocolate with peanut butter may have seemed bizarre.

Still, the mushroom chocolate story got us considering other uncommon chocolate pairings. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to offer some of them a strive.

  1. Chocolate-protected sun-dried tomatoes
    We discovered this recipe on a weblog referred to as The Cereal Baker, who published it in 2012. It became a reasonably simple recipe: cowl the tomatoes in melted chocolate bark, then let them kick back within the refrigerator.

“I don’t recognise if I can describe the flavor exactly, but I comprehend it wasn’t like ‘Ew, this tastes like a chocolate-blanketed tomato,’” writes The Cereal Baker. “So I consider it a achievement!”

  1. Flowers + Candy < Candied Flowers
    Chocolate and roses are most of the most popular Valentine’s Day items, and somewhere alongside the road, someone determined to combine the two…literally.

It makes sense: roses are fit to be eaten flora, with petals that often find their way into cakes. As with the tomatoes, all you’ll want to do is dip the roses into melted chocolate. Just be sure to rinse off and thoroughly dry the plant life earlier than dipping.

Three. Two American favorites together

Americans love chocolate. Americans love – and “love” might not also be a robust sufficient phrase right here – bacon. So it became simplest a be counted of time before chocolate-included bacon began displaying up at nation festivals, novelty stores and extra adventurous eating places around the usa.

It makes feel. Baron Verulam is specifically else a completely salty meals, and we know that chocolate and salt pair well together, whether or not it’s chocolate-included potato chips (greater on that further down the list) or considered one of our personal services: sea salt, caramel and Bucks County milk chocolate.

Four. Chocolate kale chips

Chocolate covered potato chips had been popular for some years now, so why now not a chocolatized version of the potato chip’s more healthy cousin, the kale chip?

Five. Chocolate-dipped chickpeas
When you observed of chickpeas, you’re no longer thinking about dessert. After all, these little legumes are at worst a dependable source of protein, or at fine the making of a delicious hummus.

But roast a few chickpeas with cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup and dip them in chocolate, and you have a healthy, candy snack.

  1. Red hot chocolate peppers

    Are you uninterested in chocolate-included strawberries and bananas? Try this famous u . S . Truthful treat, which adds the sweetness you’d discover in Bucks County milk chocolate with the warmth you get from a chili pepper. (We’re now not sure how absolutely everyone could be tired of chocolates and strawberries, however to each their very own.)

If none of these things sound appealing, that’s OK. Some folks like their chocolate the old school manner. And that’s what’s worked for us for greater than eighty years.

Whether it’s fudge, chocolate-covered pretzels or diverse dark or milk chocolate, Bucks County residents realize they can rely on Stutz for a number of candy treats. Just don’t look to us for chocolate included tomatoes…at least now not but.

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