December 9, 2022
Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are becoming popular for a variety of reasons. For starters, they can be customized to meet the needs of any business. Not only can these boxes increase customer interaction and profitability, but they can also create an emotional journey for customers. Learn how custom rigid boxes can help you reach more customers and improve your bottom line. Listed below are some reasons why custom rigid boxes are so popular.

Flexible packaging options

There are many types of rigid boxes, including chipboard, foam core, and paperboard. Chipboard and polystyrene are inexpensive, strong materials that can be cut to fit products. Polystyrene is versatile, and can support items that are irregularly shaped. Foam core boxes are easy to resize to fit your product, and can be used for multiple uses. For the highest quality rigid boxes, choose litho-laminate, which is paper printed onto a corrugated substrate.

Another reason to choose flexible packaging over rigid boxes is cost. It may be cheaper to make and ship, and is lighter. It can also improve the impact of your brand image. Standup pouches and paper bags made from natural kraft paper appeal to consumers who are looking for a personal touch. These packaging types are great for products that have pressure to be opened. You can also choose a variety of colours and designs to match your brand.


While the traditional shipping container is expensive and difficult to use, non-breakable rigid boxes offer great flexibility. You can choose to line the interior of the box, wrap the exterior, or add graphics. Unlike other forms of packaging, rigid boxes have no minimum order requirement. The more rigid the packaging, the cheaper it becomes. If you’re shipping a large quantity of goods, rigid boxes wholesale are a great option. They’re also easy to ship in bulk, so you’ll save money by using them for shipping.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of styles and sizes of non-breakable rigid boxes. Rigid plastic boxes can vary in size, and some of them feature trays and lids. Typically, a rigid box has a three-cubic-foot capacity, which offers ample storage space for small items. Other sizes include two and one-cubic-foot versions, as well as other variations. You can even find models with removable trays for separating supplies and parts.

Increased price

Rigid packaging boxes are highly beneficial for retailers, as they help in attracting customers to a retail store. The product’s presentation on the shelf will create an unforgettable impression on a customer. Moreover, shoppers want to touch and feel the product in person. To provide an outstanding experience to consumers, retailers need to enhance the quality of their boxes. They can also increase the price of rigid boxes to gain higher margins. To help retailers, here are some tips:

The luxury rigid box market is highly fragmented and highly competitive. Leading players are focusing on product development and innovation to retain their market share. Moreover, new entrants are entering the market with significant sales creation. Luxury rigid boxes are used in industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and personal care. Hence, the demand for luxury boxes is expected to rise in the future. This sector is likely to grow significantly, owing to the growing number of luxury goods and their increasing popularity.

Customization options

Rigid boxes offer a number of customization options to match your product. Made of solid chipboard and wrapped in a thin paper, rigid boxes are durable, beautiful, and can express your business’s message in the most effective way. In addition to being retail-ready and storage-capable, these boxes are great for gifting and amplify the image of premium products. In addition to their functionality, rigid boxes can be personalized and decorated, which means you can create boxes that are as unique and special as your products.

Customization options for rigid boxes are nearly limitless. A company can have their name, logo, or other important details letterpress printed on the lid. Customization options include flocking, thread handles, foil stamping, and closing magnets. These features can be incorporated into a unique design that will grab a customer’s attention. However, it’s important to understand the various features of a rigid box before making the final decision.

Growing demand

The growing consumer electronics industry is fueling the demand for rigid packaging solutions in Asia Pacific. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, there are 173 million smartphones being sold in India by 2021. Pharmaceutical products require high-quality packaging to protect them from microbial growth and extend their shelf life. With this increasing demand for packaged products, the world’s market for rigid boxes will continue to grow. Global market share is expected to increase by more than 8% over the next five years.

The increasing consumer awareness about the importance of eco-friendly packaging is resulting in a demand for high-quality packaging. Rigid boxes provide elegant solutions on a budget. They are ideal for corporate presentations and photographic prints, and they perform wonders when handing over the products to the customers. Rigid boxes also feature innovative features that enhance the customer experience. Custom printed rigid boxes are available for any size, shape, and design.

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