October 1, 2022

Islamic Education is the biggest need of today’s generation to understand Islam properly. However, due to a lack of qualified teachers and a scarcity of mosques, Muslims have failed to reach Islamic literacy knowledge among youth communities throughout the globe. Most Muslim countries don’t have enough resources and facilities provided within schools. Which could help young generations gain access to understanding Islam clearly. Therefore, choosing an online Quran teacher like me as your religious educator is the best way to succeed as a Muslim. I am here to share my knowledge with everyone regarding the fundamentals of Islam and its practices.

Online learning has become increasingly available and acceptable due to the internet’s accessibility and free availability almost anywhere, anytime via the web. Many students now receive their entire coursework remotely, thus eliminating geographical barriers, meeting scheduling difficulties, etc. Most importantly, obtaining expert teachers via distance learning allows anyone to acquire expertise regardless of geographic location. According to the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), nearly 200 million student users in 2009. More than half were undergraduate students; approximately 40% of them pursued bachelor’s degrees, whereas 16% went further to pursue doctoral degrees.

The benefits of online Quran teachers are…

Teaching Quran verses to children through traditional learning methods poses risks to the child’s life due to lack of safety precautions and hazards posed by fire and electric wires, etc. Online Quran teaches without danger and allows children to access Islamic knowledge wherever and whenever they wish. Online lessons teach in a friendly manner, thereby enabling children from far away countries to interact with each other. They provide parents with an opportunity to monitor their children remotely. Since introduced Quran online teachings, many Islamic centers worldwide have also used them, including Muslim community centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

  • Learning without fear.
  • Teaching in a friendly manner.
  • Learning from a safe online environment.

This method is better and faster than the traditional method, where the lessons are not related to one’s daily life.

Online Quran learning is an easy method of teaching beginners, or they can use it to study the Quran at a very slow pace, as with an online Quran teacher or instructor. This teaching method has been adapted from the online method of teaching Arabic. It helps students learn the language and use the learning material in their own time and place. Some websites connect people through different social networking sites and allow users to share their thoughts and ideas. Students now get connected, interact and communicate freely among peers inside and outside campus communities. Through this medium, a student can easily understand what his classmates are studying, and he can meet new people with similar interests outside of his circle.

Online classes help the scholars teach students who cannot come to them personally for learning purposes. Teachers find various ways of teaching through the use of websites. Online courses allow anyone with a computer connected to the internet to attend lessons delivered via video conferencing software like Skype. Online tutoring programs and distance learning online services give students easy and quick access to specialized educational materials and teachers. Without traveling to a certain place or staying overnight within proximity of the campus.

When studying Islam, some scholars teach books from different places, usually written long ago, and give explanations of the verses based on traditional reasoning that may no longer be valid. Instead, should teach teaching materials to beginners through computers with modern language tools. Online lessons allow learners to understand basic concepts faster and thus gain confidence in the religion and Quran teachings. The internet provides unlimited choices where learning materials range across different perspectives, including moderate viewpoints. According to the Ummah (nation) Islamic website, Muslims should learn Arabic, Quran recitation, basics of (Islamic jurisprudence), rulings about Jihad (martyrdom operations), zakat, fasting, prayers, etc. Must learn all of these subjects before attempting any interpretation of the Holy Qur’an.

The internet has introduced more people to Islam and their religion.

The number of Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam is rising. The internet is a great tool for those who want to learn more about their religion. It is very useful for those who want a better understanding of their religion. The internet is a free resource that people can access anywhere. There are no restrictions on how people can connect and learn about their religion.

The reasons mentioned above are sufficient for one to conclude that Quran learning through online lessons can truly bring positive change in terms of people’s lives. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to learn Islam online with Hassaan Quran Academy’s online Quran teacher. This study method can certainly open doors to our horizons that allow us to explore new options.

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