September 27, 2022

A cheery fire in the hearth does not only keep the chills away but warms hearts too. The comfort and convenience of remaining indoors in freezing conditions can enable you to remain well protected and inclined to go about your work. Sure, you burn logs in the fireplace but you would need quite a few pieces of equipment to control and manage the fire so that it provides warmth and comfort without being destructive. It makes sense to invest in the best fireplace tools that will help you to keep the fire well in control.

Unfortunately, you cannot hope to make a good buy without being aware of the type of tools you would need. Experts recommend being informed about the exact type of tool and noting its pros and cons before spending money. Some of the most essential tools that you would be unable to do without include the following:

Tongs– You cannot keep the burning logs in one place. It is important to distribute them evenly within the fireplace so that the heat exuded is spread uniformly causing you to remain content. Do not forget to check the specs of the tongs that you are going to buy to tend to the fire. Remember to select a pair that has long handles thus enabling you to move the burning logs into the heart of the fire as needed.

Poker– There is sure to be a variety of pokers available to keep the fire under control. Do not pass it over for it becomes a necessity when you have to poke the burning logs and kindle to provide a continuous supply of oxygen to feed the fire. Again, you would be the best person to assess the length and material of the poker. It is indeed a good idea to hold it in your hand and test it before parting with the money. Do not think of buying a poker that slips from your grip. Instead, settle for one that gives you a steady grip and comes with a long handle allowing you to poke at the logs placed in the middle.

Shovel– You are sure to find the fireplace filled with ash once the fire is down. Scooping it away before igniting the fire the next morning is a necessary task that cannot be avoided. Have a fireplace shovel handy for making the task easy. Most shovels are fully suited to the purpose and you can have a new fire up and blaze within minutes. It is advisable to leave a thin layer of ash at the bottom. Do not wipe the hearth clean before lighting the fire. The cold floor will deter your efforts causing you to try numerous times before the wood catches fire ultimately.

Brush/Broom– Sweeping the straying ash and depositing them into the hearth is a task that you need to do regularly. While the older generation used a conventional broom to do the needful, you can invest in a brush with fine fibers at the end too.

You may find many other accessories when you ask to buy the best fireplace tools. The final decision is yours but the aforementioned tools will do just fine.

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