September 27, 2022
Home Roof

The presence of a roof above your head at home should give you peace of mind. Its presence is enough to protect your living space from the harshest of weather. However, since it is facing the wrath of nature, the roof is bound to incur damages. One fine morning, you might suddenly see sunlight coming through the roof. It is a cause of panic because that means, there has been some form of a gap created.  On rainy days, that should be enough to let rainwater seep through and that can cause mayhem. The roof needs attention and this is not a job that you can do by following YouTube guides. It is a hands-on job and there are risks associated as you climb up the structure. It would be prudent that you seek help from 12 Roofing Services in Burbank.

A professional check is always better to ascertain the damages and this way, you will get to know if there have been any structural damages to the roof or not. If the roof is not in a fine state and needs attention, a homeowner is faced with a dilemma and that just could be for you. Should I repair the roof or have it completely replaced? You could be in two minds and so let us discuss more details. 

An insight into roof repair

Let us first discuss a roof repair and this can be classified into two major segments. Your roof may need a temporary or a permanent repair fix. Let us take an example as to when your roof may require an emergency fix. Has a storm blown over your area yesterday? The updates from the weather office tell you that a few more are in store. This is the moment when you need emergency roof repair services and not a long-term solution. The storm could have blown away a few shingles from the roof and you can always ask the professional roofer to fill in these gaps. This should make your home watertight and the living space will be spared of leaks when the next storm hits your place 

At times there is a need to opt for extensive repairs and we have just taken mention of sunlight coming through the roof into your home. This is a scenario when panic may set in and the roof will require something beyond the cosmetic touches. These signals can be felt right inside your living space and one may have to face a beveled ceiling. This is an indicator that this space has had to face water damage for just too long. Is there any color change on the ceiling? This means that such spots have been bearing the brunt of moisture for too long. The source of moisture leaks is always the roof. The repairs are possible, but there is a need to spend more financial resources. This is the moment when homeowners ponder over the idea of a roof replacement. 

When do you think of a roof replacement

One should know categorically that if the papers indicate that the lifespan of the roof is over, then you must have it replaced. It is dangerous to live under an outdated and you must have it replaced. Alongside if the damages to the roof are extensive it is better to replace the structure. Most of the shingles could be missing and there could be issues with the deck of the roof. These are indicators of a roof replacement and repairs will not do. 


Here we have tried to clear the confusion on when you can repair the roof and when a replacement seems the only solution. If the damages to the roof are extensive you should replace the structure. A repair will only be feasible for minor damages.

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