October 6, 2022
bottle box packaging

Bottles are known to be easy to break, but not when they are packed, stored, or moved in bottle packaging. We at Packaging Globe have bottle box packaging that can hold anywhere from one to as many bottles, even twelve boxes set. 

The bottles are kept from colliding together by cardboard dividers or strong pulp moldings. If time is of the essence, our rapid build for all types of bottle boxes come with built-in cell dividers that make putting the box together incredibly fast and easy.

All of these boxes are in stock and ready to be sent out right away. That means our team at Packaging globe will try to get them on their way to you the same business day we get your order, and your custom bottle boxes usually will arrive the next business day after you place the order.

Top 3 benefits of bottle box packaging

With our securek bottle box packaging you can firmly secure and pack the bottles that are prone to breaking. Bottles such as Wines and spirits that are easily broken should be packed in cardboard bottle boxes to keep them from breaking during shipping.

You cannot use any ordinary packing for them. Our selection of bottle-specific packaging boxes is perfect for wine shops, breweries, or even market stalls that sell gift packages.

 Add strong packaging for bottles to your business to keep high-value, breakable items safe while they’re being shipped. Cardboard boxes for bottles are a stylish and inexpensive way for a business that wants to send glass bottles to customers to protect them during shipping. Let us find out some benefits of bottle box packaging

No more damages:

With our one-piece bottle box with dividers, shipping bottles is easier. The cardboard dividers are made to hold either 6 or 12 bottles at once. They add an extra layer of protection and keep the bottles from banging into each other when the bag is being moved. If you want even more safety, you might want to look at our bubble-lined cardboard packaging for bottles. You can have this option with our custom bottle boxes.

No more lengthy procedure for packaging:

Our bottle box packaging shipping is very easy to put together and is the best way to cut down on packing time in the warehouse. That means you can speed up delivery times to customers without putting your products’ safety at risk, which guarantees the best quality.

For even faster bottle packaging, we also sell pre-printed boxes that have the famous messages like “Handle with care” and “Approved by the Post Office.”

 Both of these things help couriers and delivery drivers handle fragile items better and protect them more. 

The range was made with standard wine bottles in mind, but there are many different shapes and sizes of bottles for soft drinks, spirits, vinegars, oils, and perfumes and many more!

Customization in size:

If you like the ideas here and somehow our sizes do not quite work for your product, you can always give us a call and we will give you a competitive price for custom bottle packaging that fits your exact needs. 

We make sure to create custom dimensions for your required product. With the help of custom bottle boxes, you always have a variety in the box sizes. This makes us the best bottle box manufacturer in the market.

You can always call us or reach out to our official email, [email protected].

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