October 6, 2022
Ways to Overcome Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting (3)

Do you want to host your website on a Linux shared hosting account? Then you must be aware of some security threats your website can face if you use a shared server.

Three types of web hosting are mainly used. This includes shared hosting servers. However, shared hosting isn’t as secure as other web hosting types. Overall, shared hosting is a good option for a new website.

Every website owner is concerned about malware attacks and hacking. The last thing anyone wants is their website to be hacked or their server to go down due to a DDoS attack.

This is why many web hosting providers install additional security software on their Linux shared web hosting servers. Through this article, you will learn about those security threats and about how you can overcome those threats.

Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting and Ways to Address Them

Server resources:

In shared hosting, you must share all the resources with other websites like memory, storage, and every other resource the server provides. And if by any chance if any partner website got hacked, then the entire server can be crashed or hacked. You can deal with that threat just by installing a security plugin. Further, choose a plan of best  Linux Shared Hosting that implements ‘fair usage practices’.


Weak passwords are worst than having no password. Passwords like birthdays, anniversaries, and any other date or name are very weak passwords. Weak passwords often result in security breaches. 

A strong password policy should be in place on your website. Make sure that weak passwords are rejected and set to strict parameters. Change the password every few months. Your password should include capital and small letters and symbols.

Shared IP:

Websites in Shared Hosting also share the same IP address. In the case of spamming or other illegal activities occurring on the server, the IP address could be blocked. And once a single Ip is blocklisted on the same, it causes harmful effects to all other websites hosted on the same server. You won’t receive traffic from search engines. So choose a Linux shared hosting plan where you can get a dedicated IP address.


One of the biggest fears of any website owner is to lose their web data, and the data can be stolen by malware or hackers. The risk is much higher, mainly if you handle financial transactions and store sensitive personal information on your website. 

Backup is like a second life of any website. If you ever lose your data, then you can restore it later.

Install Only Required Packages:

Install only the packages your business needs on your server to protect its functionality. Linux Shared servers come with several pre-installed packages. 

It is possible to add and change users’ passwords, for instance. While installing, users can install an Open SSH server, a DNS server, a LAMP stack, and a print server in addition to the default packages.

The reason behind installing fewer apps is because the more applications you install on your server, the more 3rd party permission will be allowed to your server, and your server security will become more vulnerable.

With the right Linux shared hosting plan from the best web host, you can overcome these security problems quickly and have headache-free hosting services.

The Secured and Best Linux shared hosting provider- Hostbillo

The Secured and Best Linux shared hosting provider- Hostbillo

In terms of website security, web hosting providers play an essential role. A web hosting company that is reputable and reliable will take care of all security threats and problems related to your website. 

Hostbillo Hosting Solution is the most reputed and trustworthy web hosting company. They ensure that their customers will get a secure and reliable hosting server. Also, they provide many other features with Linux shared hosting servers.

  • 99.90% uptime 
  • Server monitoring 
  • 24/7/365 support 
  • Easy app installations 
  • managed web hosting at a low cost  
  • Gives you protection from malware. 
  • Consistent backups 
  • Solid-state drives 
  • SSH encrypted security  
  • Control panel


Shared hosting is not a much-secured web hosting service. But Linux is known for its security because it is open-source. So Linux shared hosting can be a secured option if you want a shared hosting plan for your website.

Also, if you are already using Linux shared hosting, you must consider all of the given security threats and try to overcome those to get a secure web hosting service. 

From Hostbillo, you can get a secured, Cheap Linux shared hosting server. So you must check their website for more information.

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