October 6, 2022
Mobile app developers Toronto

You must have heard about Flutter.

In the last 2years, developers started preferring this framework over react Native. There are 2million developers across the globe using Flutter for mobile app development.

It has quickly become the most popular mobile app development framework in Toronto, with the majority of mobile app developers opting for it.

The Mobile app development company in Toronto market is increasing day by day. Previously, it was 95.1billion in 2017 and touched a 142.9billion in 2020.

There are more than 3.48million android apps and 2.22million android apps active apps available globally. Additionally, more than 92% of people use mobile phones, while only 8% prefer to use web browsers.

Mobile apps are the best way to expand the business and reach customers. But how does this amazing framework fit into this role?

Let’s try to understand the fact about Flutter and why it is so popular among developers.

Decoding Flutter

It is a swift framework with a versatile user interface tool. Its single-code characteristic is a significant advantage. A developer can create applications for all major platforms without modifying code.

Google introduced Flutter, a user interface technology, in May 2017. It began as an open-source mobile application development tool. It gradually gains new functionality to support different platforms like the web, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and Linux.

Features of Flutter

Everyone has a question about choosing Flutter over React Native and Xamarin, Devops consultant. Knowing its feature may tell you better.


This framework creates with the same technology, Skia, which powers Chrome and Android. It significantly improves the tool’s performance. As a result, Flutter is regarded as the quickest UI tool available. It also offers some capabilities that allow the developer to experiment while creating user interfaces. Flutter also makes it simple to test and repair bugs. As a result, the development time reduces.

Eye-catching UI

Flutter is a tool that promises eye-soothing visuals. You can give credit to material.io. It is a google initiated product that provides flexibility for building a beautiful digital experience. It even has the caliber to deliver a native app-like experience to the end-users. With its layered architecture, it can also regulate every screen-pixel. It swiftly allows tailor-made solutions. It also offers powerful compositing capabilities for animation graphics text videos. You can easily overlay as well without any limitation.

Programming Language Dart

Google established Dart to aid in creating mobile, desktop, backend, and web applications. Being a client-optimized language dart can earn some extra brownie points. Furthermore, it is considered a simple language to compile into native code, allowing quick delivery and customization. Developers also found the language to be quite simple to learn. If a developer has only one project, they can efficiently complete it in a fortnight. The silver layout concept in Flutter allows for speedier scrolling and other tasks than before. It also works with all of the major operating systems.

Platform-Friendly Feature

It makes cross-platform development more effortless with a single line of code. However, single coding’s value is not limited to single coding. Unlike its competitors, Flutter provides a platform-friendly user interface. Skip can take credit for it, as discussed earlier in its agile development feature.


Google’s support makes it easy to increase user data or accumulate new features without altering much. Google has a firebase application for the backend; initially, which creates for enhancing the scalability. With firebase, one can ensure the real-time database that keeps all the data in synchronization among clients. In addition to that, firebase has the expertise to optimize and minimize update frequency. This feature may keep the things in sync; also allow doing all kinds of adding or omitting the functions.


Support ensures that platform performance is more stable. Because the Flutter it’s community is quite active, resources are readily available during the development phase. Dart is also a popular programming language among developers, making it preferable. Another advantage of the Flutter is its security. As a result, where you have a limited budget for development, the open-source community is always willing to help.

Best for New Firms

Flutter is the best choice for rapid development and more minor complications if you are a start-up. It has plenty of tools that help to create an MVP for you. Additionally, with Flutter, you can easier develop a native version of the application. With less complexity, even a beginner can try their hands-on development. All and all, single-coding makes it the first choice if you are looking for cross-platform development.


In the last several years, flutter users have seen a significant increase in popularity. However, it is not a technology that generates buzz and leaves people in the dark. Custom mobile app development choose it over React Native. Some of the critical concerns with the framwork are currently being addressed by Google, ensuring that Flutter remains a new buzzword but becomes synonymous with agility.
Whether new technology emerges in the future, it will not dim this star’s radiance any time soon.

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