September 27, 2022
Animated Explainer Videos for Your Brand

The regular use of videos reduces boredom and raises the audience’s interest. Today, the animated explainer videos take it one step forward by turning the most complicated information and states into easily usable bits. Like they are a concise way to pull the audience as per your creative ideas and make them hooked. It is one of the most effective ways to provide a new and existing audience with a brief view of your service and product. And the fundamental aim of an animated explainer video is to engage a pool of new and prospective audiences. 

Are you still unsure why brands need to use animated explainer videos? Or do you want to give new life to your same old brand? Or is it challenging to keep your customers engaged in the information or the visuals you provide? Let’s go through the top seven reasons why your brand needs them! 

#1 Keep Your Audience Engaged

Today video content comes up with many pros that upsurge your brand identity. However, multiple explainer video companies have shaped it effectively in the past few years. It has allowed the fast advancement in animations that build the realm of animated explainer video production. That has affected many promotional tactics, such as social mediums, blog posts, email campaigns, SEO, etc.

Today, we have many other factors that show the overall benefit of using explainer videos to improve overall brand identity. Almost 50% of businesses have grown revenue faster than nonuse video businesses. And the companies have also raised their conversion and click-through rate using video content. 

#2 Makes Your Brand More Creative 

Most of the time, writing is concise and can be a tricky format to make your visuals appealing, but the final results are not much creative. Meanwhile, a compelling animated explainer video allows you to make anything out of the box and do some creative things. 

To make it more effective, you can add some funny stances to your video with new animation essentials. Or may add some fascinating music or the sound in the background to offer your audiences a perfect visual video experience. However, we also have millions of expert animators who can make your vision to life.

#3 Raising the Game

Today, 80% of audience internet traffic comes from online videos. A recent study by ‘Cisco’ revealed that approximately 86% of online commercial or product explainer videos use video content. However, 81% of the audience use videos on their business web pages.

These numbers increase daily and show that the video production realm is raising the game. And displays that this is not only the trend. It is here to stay for the long run. 

#4 Boost Conversions

Using an animation explainer video will help you to boost conversions and sales prospectively. Meanwhile, using an explainer video on the landing page mainly drives conversion rates by up to 80%. A recent study by ‘Adobe’ revealed that the audience who see the animated explainer videos regularly are likelier to buy more products than the non-viewers. 

However, more than 50% of marketing professionals say that animated video content brings the perfect investment return compared to any other type of content. Here’s ‘a tip of advice’ If you ever face a tough time converting your webpage traffic, then video content proved the most effective way to boost sales.  

#5 Offer the Brand Personality

The explainer videos are an effective way to show your brand personality. And to gain more advantages, the present and visual nature of animated explainer videos can efficiently deliver the pros of your service or the product. 

It will help you offer the buying reason to the audience for what you are selling. As more than 80% of customers believe that putting videos to explain the business can mainly be helpful when deciding to buy it.

#6 Flexible in Making

The essential characteristic of an animated explainer video is to be concise and flexible. It is graceful to edit. That means you can shift things quickly and around somewhat creatively. Plus, you can add some additional seconds at the start or end of the video to introduce a new feature you want to offer. And you may use a video template or background on your website. You can also feature it on your website landing page. 

In simple, you have limitless options to make your explainer video more flexible. On the other hand, if you want to add different sorts of voices or the music, it won’t take much time to do it.

#7 Keep Your Brand Stand Out

If you want to do something big for your brand, you may need to stand out on the internet. Because today anyone can take the access to the internet. And can put yet simple but attractive elements to boost the engagement on their website. Meanwhile, to make it more lucrative, an animated explainer video may add a stance of professionalism to your business. 

The reason is that they are much simple and show that your audiences are interested in investing their money and time. It may add originality to your content and display the creative value intention. The more attractive your video is, the more audiences will remember your brand and select you among many of your competitors. 

Summing Up

There are many essential explanations for which animated explainer videos are a chunk of building your brand. A primary delusion is that making these videos is much more challenging, time-consuming, and cost worthy. You can work with multiple designer companies that offer various motion and graphic design services to make it more effective. Meanwhile, adding animated explainer video content to your brand development and business promotional strategy is something big that you can’t even ignore. It will allow you to show off stats, the video testimonial, or highlight some notable brands you want to work with to validate your business value.