October 6, 2022
Amazing Animated Explainer Video Companies

To run your business effectively, you may need to consider that your potential audience hasn’t any idea what solutions you provide. Don’t worry. You are at the right place. As it only takes a perfect animated explainer video that tells your business story and wins the heart of your potential audience. An enthusiastic explainer video company makes a brief video designed to spot the more critical information about a business’s services and products. 

Choosing An Explainer Video Company

Keeping the top video animation companies in mind, it’s easier to select the best-animated explainer video company in today’s digital realms. This blog will encounter the top 10 amazing animated explainer video companies of 2022.

#1 Anideos 

Anideos is the top explainer video company based in New York. They offer customized video animation services and original content. They merge the experimentation and creativity to make various animation styles that include 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and live-action animation. They are dedicated to working, listening and generating the best product or the service to boost any business. Their collection of work recognizes Anideos as an enormous brand. If you are searching for the best explainer video production company, Anideos is a good partner for you. 

#2 Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a US-based animated explainer video company with a fantastic portfolio. They create videos for known brands and help them grow their revenue and conversion rates many times. The videos of Demo Duck create an eye-catching stance and funny animations. That transforms the most complex brand ideas into a very truthful form. The animation team of the Demo Duck have faith in brand humanization, educating peoples to promote products and much more. 

#3 Wyzowl 

It is one of the most excellent explainer video production companies in the UK. In the previous year, Wyzowl revealed the most exceptional results in the global digital realm and received many international awards. They are famous for providing quality video content and the creativity of their animation and concepts. The animation team of Wyzowl has vast experience in producing animated commercials as they produced many explainer videos and ads for startups and international brands. Like Deloitte, LG, Standard Chartered, Kodak, and more.

#4 Epipheo

It’s an esteemed animation studio that makes unbelievable animated videos for multiple brands and companies across different industries. Epipheo is based in the USA and creates different types of videos. Animation course videos, educational series videos, brand videos, e-learning courses videos, and live-action videos. And the internal explainer videos, trade shows, social media ads, etc. The work quality of the Epipheo animated video is award-worthy and impressive.

#5 Studio Pigeon 

It is one of the leading explainer video production companies that use different animation styles to make something unique. This company began in 2013 with HQs in Poland, Warsaw, and Saudi Arabia. Studio Program dedicated to an animated explainer video, commercial videos, 2D and 3D animations, and marketing and advertising videos. As well as the infographics, motion graphics and cartoon series, engaging visual content and post-production videos. Studio Pigeon delivered content for many brands and advertising agencies in over fifty countries.

#6 Yum Yum Videos

It is one of the most award-winning animation explainer studios focusing on a wide range of diverse videos. It includes explainer videos, animated videos, whiteboard and motion graphics. Yum Yum videos have been working in more than 20 countries since 2010. They have worked with many famous brands like Wal Mart, Fox, McKesson, Docusign, Red Bull, etc. Their minimalistic and adorable animation video style standout among many animation studios. They provide customizations, revisions, and many other changes that make them more competitive in the overall marketplace.

#7 Common Craft

The Common Craft is included in one of the famous explainer video companies from Washington and Seattle. They offer a pool of templates and low-cost visuals to make the animated explainer video. Common Craft also provides pre-made videos that show the subject within 5 minutes or less. Their templates and videos are excellent resources for many schools, university teachers, and students. That help to present complex ideas and subjects in a simple style of hand-drawn video. If you are looking for an institutional and educational project video, you should check them out.

#8 Idearocket

Idearocket forms the most complicated product video in the simplest way. It is the best choice for technical sectors and IT companies based in the US. They have expertise in 2D and 3D animation and live-action videos. As well as the Human Resource department, healthcare sectors and IT companies’ videos. If you want to make any complicated brand idea in the simplest explainer video animation, the Idearocket would be the best choice.

#9 Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo is one of the best explainer video production companies in California and San Francisco. Since 2011 they have built the trust of many giant companies like Twitter, Google, Slack, Zendesk, Slack, etc. They think that the explainer video is the primary gesture of the brand. And it is one of the most modest ways to represent and express the idea of any brand. Thinmojo created its work-frame named VX to create its project. Plus, it makes thousands of animated explainer videos for multiple kinds of big or small brands.

#10 Switch Video

The Switch Video animation explainer video production company is based in Canada. They are experts in whiteboard explainer videos, 2D animation and motion graphics for tech companies. The switch videos make almost 1,500 videos for many clients across different companies in different languages. Their clients are many big brands like HP, IBM, Abbott, Bayer, etc. The main aim of this video production company is to unlock the capabilities of its businesses, companies, ideas, and customers.

Final Thoughts

Today, the video animation marketplace is soaked with the video production companies of multiple specializations and sizes. Finding the best one might be a critical decision at first. Here is the end of our top 10 notable animated explainer video companies 2022. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will find a better decision to explore. So, kickstart the research, inspect the portfolios, and collaborate with experts that bring your idea to life.