September 27, 2022

Diwali! A celebration of light. Victory over evil is something to be celebrated. It is one of the largest celebrations in India, marked by nearly a billion people every year. Now that COVID- 19 restrictions have been lifted, the holiday can be celebrated in the same spirit as in previous years. 

The ancient custom of bestowing gifts upon one’s loved ones or gifts for him is an integral part of the celebration of Diwali. And since gold is associated with prosperity on Diwali, we’ve rounded together some great gold-themed gift ideas for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend.

Diwali Presents For Men:

Grooming kit:

Because few guys will go out and get a grooming kit for themselves, it makes for a great gift for him. So, this Diwali, get the men in your life a proper grooming kit that goes above and beyond the standard aftershave, shaving cream, and razor.

Toy drones:

Because of legal restrictions, the individual you give it to might not even be permitted to fly the drone outside. A toy with the ability to fly is always welcome. Even more so! The murmurs of today are fantastic; some can even be used to snap images with your smartphone. You can hold a tiny one in the palm of your hand, while a larger one can support the weight of an entire pizza. However, bobbleheads for him would be also a great choice to capture memories.


In 2015, the most talked about electronics were smartwatches. These watches are essentially an extension of your smartphone and can do much more than make and receive phone calls. Moreover, you can forego the astronomically priced alternatives. Smartwatches are available from various manufacturers and can do much more than merely display the time.

Coffee maker:

A hot cup of coffee is hard to refuse. It’s an excellent present for males to receive during Diwali. In addition, if he likes coffee, this is a safe choice.


Not sure what to get a man? One can never go wrong with a tablet as a present. Even though it’s a bit pricey, it’s still a fantastic present. Every man on Earth would appreciate this device because it is both valuable and affordable.

Robotic vacuum cleaner:

This vacuum cleaner is quite neat and will let the owner rely on his housekeepers a little less. You depend on the domestic staff. The vacuum’s sophisticated sensors allow for careful, soundless cleaning. So, whether you’re home or away, the silent sweeper can be turned on and off at your whim, and you can always enjoy a dust-free environment.

Health club membership:

Many men tell themselves they will start working out soon but lose interest for various reasons. In this case, a gym membership would be an excellent gift for your male friend if you want him to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. You should check if the gym is easily accessible for the person you are buying a membership for.

Bluetooth speaker:

Electronics make good Diwali gifts for men. Bluetooth speakers are essential. It’s always appreciated to have an extra speaker on hand, whether for use in the bedroom, the living room, or the bathroom.

Internet-connected media players:

Live TV streaming is a fantastic resource. This is the perfect solution if your cable stops working and you’re left staring at a blank screen. It would help if you also avoided the prominently branded media streamers because many of them have restricted features. Pick the open-source ones that don’t require you to sign up for any paid services and have lower prices. What’s more, watching your ordinary LCD transform into a smart TV is a lot of fun.

What you give your loved ones for Diwali this year will cement your relationship with them a long way. It’s a sweet gesture that conveys your care and love. As a token of the season’s festivities, it will be a constant reminder of the significance of this Diwali gathering so get your hairstyling done and buy a present for your loved ones.

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