September 27, 2022
Alfresco areas in Melbourne

What is an alfresco area? 

An alfresco area is an outdoor living space typically equipped with a kitchen and seating area. It is a popular spot for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the outdoors. 

Alfresco areas in Melbourne vary in size and style, but they all share one common goal: to provide a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space. There are many different ways to design an alfresco area, so it is essential to consult with a professional to ensure that your vision comes to life. 

No matter what your budget or style preferences may be, there is an alfresco area out there that is perfect for you. With proper planning and execution, your alfresco area will be the talk of the town. 

Alfresco Areas: What you should consider

If you’re considering adding an alfresco area to your home, there are a handful of things you need to take into account before getting started. These tips will assist you in designing beautiful outdoor alfresco areas in Melbourne:

Integrate inside and outside 

A great way to create a stunning alfresco entertaining area is to integrate it with the inside of your home. You can achieve this in several ways. Having large sliding glass doors that open up the space or by incorporating outdoor furniture and décor into the overall design of your home, are a few of them.

Another great way to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces is to use similar materials and finishes in both areas. For example, you could use stone flooring in indoor and outdoor areas or timber decking that flows from your indoor living space out onto your alfresco area.

Integrating your indoor and outdoor spaces allows you to create a stunning entertaining area that is suitable for hosting parties or simply relaxing with family and friends.


When choosing the size of your alfresco area, there are a few things to consider. The first is the number of guests you usually entertain. Your space size will depend on how often you host large parties. If you entertain smaller groups, a smaller space will suffice. 

You must also consider the amount of furniture and accessories you want to include in your alfresco area. If you have a lot of outdoor furniture and decor, you’ll need a larger space to accommodate your pieces. You must also keep in mind the overall look and feel you want for your entertaining area. Do you want a cozy, intimate, or large, open space? Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you can start planning the size of your alfresco area.


A well-designed alfresco space should provide you with a space that provides you with comfort all day long. The Australian climate makes shade cover an essential component. If you have an alfresco area integrated with your house, it likely has a full plasterboard ceiling. However, if not, the following ideas may be helpful.

  • Deciduous vines or creepers can be planted as a cover for pergolas or screens
  • You can extend an awning by using timber battens
  • You may want to consider planting trees to shade the area during the heat of the summer


The lighting in your alfresco area can play an instrumental role in setting the tone of the space. This is not an area where you require intense task lighting, as in an indoor space. Instead, it is an area that is intended for a tranquil environment. Therefore, multi-level lighting should be available.

  • When preparing food, dimmable LED downlights may be useful
  • Wall lighting that moves up and down is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Using spotlights, you can enhance the surrounding environment by highlighting the gardens

Keep everything tidy with ample storage.

As any host knows, entertaining guests can be a lot of work. There’s the cooking, the cleaning, the decorating. The list goes on. But an important element of hosting is creating a space that is both comfortable and stylish for your guests. You can achieve this by giving everything its due.

One way to do this is by incorporating ample storage into your alfresco area. Built-in shelves and cabinets are a good option to keep things tidy and out of sight when they’re not needed. However, if you’re short on space, try using hanging baskets or mason jars to store things like utensils, napkins, and cutlery.

Plenty of storage will help you tidy your entertaining area and make hosting a breeze. 

Cost of Louvered roofs in Australia 

Louvered roof costs in Australia will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Still, it is more affordable than other types of roofs, such as glass or metal. In most cases, you can expect to pay between $3000 and $5000 for a basic louvered roof system.

If you are considering adding a louvered roof to your home, get quotes from several contractors for the louvered roof cost in Australia before making a decision. With careful planning and execution, your new outdoor entertaining area will be the envy of the neighborhood. 


This article will prepare you to create your own stunning alfresco entertaining area. Remember to keep the tips mentioned above in mind. These guidelines will help you create an alfresco entertaining area that will wow your guests and make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

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