October 6, 2022

Let’s be clear, getting admitted into an MBA is not a piece of cake, there are numerous things that you need to take into consideration. Some universities allow multiple intakes in a year, but most of the tier-1 colleges do not follow this, so it is very important that you follow and understand a few things so that your time and resources do not get wasted. 

So that is why in this reading, you will learn about many things that you must keep in mind and you must be aware of before applying for any MBA college. There are certain factors and information that you need to know and there are certain things that you should definitely not miss out on before you apply for an MBA in Canada

What you need to know

  1. Prepare a list and start gathering information

First things first, before you apply for an MBA in UK in any college, then you should prepare a list of your top preferred colleges, you may think that you may apply inf the college and you will get admission, but that’s not how things are done here. You must prepare a list of certain colleges before applying to them. 

Also, there is certain information that you need to gather about your college and your program, which will be discussed in the next section. 
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  1. All the information that you need to gather

These are the information that you should know about your college and your program: 

  • Diversity of international students in your program. 
  • The class size of your program. 
  • Last year’s placement rate and the companies that hired the graduates from your program. 
  • The acceptance rate of your college. 
  • Interview Questions about the program and the college. 

These were the things that you need to know, now let’s discuss the various things that you must do before applying for various colleges. 

What you need to do

  1. Short Term Course

In every MBA, after the second year, a person needs to choose a specialization program. It is always a good idea to do a short-term course which is relevant to the specialization that you would be choosing. You won’t be able to get time once your first year begins, so do a course beforehand only. If you have not yet chosen a specialization, then you can do a generalised course. 

  1. Learn MS-Excel and Powerpoint

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint are two things that will be a lot of helpful to you throughout your MBA journey. You will be using MS-Excel for various of your MBA projects, so it is easy to have this skill and shortcuts beforehand. And for B-schools presentations are very critical and crucial part, therefore it is better to learn the powerpoint and presentation skills. 

  1. Read various finance and business newspapers

MBA is all about business, you are officially entered in the business world when you start your MBA. Reading finance and business newspapers such as Economic Times and Financial Times will benefit you in two ways, which are: you will develop a reading habit and you will stay updated with the business news, which is really important adn beneficial in your MBA journey. 

  1. Build a good professional network 

We all are aware that a person’s network is his net worth, and therefore you need to build a good professional network. Connecting with experienced people and building a strong network will give you insights and also aid you in getting a lot of precious knowledge 


Doing an MBA is a really great thing and adds a lot of value to your overall personality and CV, which in turn gives you great opportunities ahead. But you need to do an MBA from a prestigious and reputed college that will equip with the necessary skills and abilities, But doing this is not easy, therefore you need to prepare well in advance before you apply in your dream college.

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