September 27, 2022
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Today we’re going to be taking a look at Zapier. How they grew organically online? There’s a lot of really cool insights in this blog. If you guys aren’t familiar with Zapier so I told you they’re a SAS tool that connects applications and automates workflows.

I’ve used it for a few of my own projects and it’s a phenomenal tool so professional ecommerce seo experts really recommend it but what we’re interested in today is their SEO and how they’ve grown online. Let’s go straight into Ahrefs. The first thing I want to do is just take a look at the overview. I want to see how much traffic they have. They’re getting 1.5 million monthly organic visits which is phenomenal of 1.2 million organic keywords.

A lot of referring domains and a really high domain rating which translate to their top 1000 websites in their Ahrefs rank. However that’s great and all but let’s check out where they’re getting their traffic.

Subfolder Dissection

They’re doing it so if we go into top subfolders what we’re going to see is that. There’s two significant subfolders that are bringing in most of the traffic. The first one is blog and then the second one is apps.

Let’s take a look at the blog because there’s a lot of cool things that Zapier is doing here. So globally it looks like Zapier is getting 1 million monthly organic visitors straight to their blog. Let’s take a look at some of the keywords that they’re ranking for. You notice that keywords like best note taking app with 33,000 pretty significant keyword difficulty.

Meeting Scheduler

They’re number two so another keyword like meeting scheduler 3.9. They’re number one I want to see who they’re ranking above their blog post is actually ranking above. The calendly homepage which is pretty crazy above doodle as well.

There’s other keywords like free project management software. Zapier is also number one so they’re doing a lot of things with their blog but the main question is why are they targeting a lot of these keywords. Does Zapier provide project management software? Are they meeting scheduling tool or are they a note-taking app? The reality is they aren’t but Zapier works with a lot of these apps that have these applications.

How They Engage With Their Clients

These type of functions which allows them to write content about it provide this great resource while they’re doing that. They pitch their product and get a lot of users in through this great resource. We also need to add to this that a lot of people might not actually know of Zapier’s existence. The query is how it works? They also use this opportunity of having all this traffic coming in through their blog to educate the user and to show them.

Free Project Management Software Blog

If we check out their free project management software blog which is getting a lot of traffic. We see that it’s a great resource they provide a lot of really high quality content. But it’s interesting because if you see any internal link on this website. You’re gonna know that it’s connecting to another relevant blog that makes sense within the context of the initial blog.

We have three internal links, right! After another they all connect to some other part of the website maybe it’s another blog or maybe it’s a different landing page. That is all revolving around the same topic. Zapier does this extremely well.

They use their internal linking correctly. I see a lot of people that use their internal linking to connect to blog posts into pages. That aren’t really related to what that blog post is writing about. We need to use our internal linking correctly and make sure that we’re actually linking out to relevant blog posts.

How Blog Get’s Traffic?

As we notice before the blog was only one of the big chunks of traffic. Let’s check into Ahrefs now that we’re back in eight trips. There’s another really interesting subfolder that’s also bringing in a significant chunk around 13 of the traffic in the US and that’s apps.

If we take a look at the keywords that they’re ranking for. This specific subfolder we see some really interesting things still similar keywords. Like best note-taking apps but we’re going to start seeing a pattern. Here we’re going to start seeing a lot of software plus. The keyword integrations, right! Flock integrations, infinity integrations, warcast The whole thing Trello and it keeps going on and on.

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If we take a look at one of the landing pages we’re gonna see a really interesting insight. Zapier is going out and they’re creating landing pages for any possible app or service that they’re working with and that they’re creating integrations for. This makes a lot of sense however take a look at this. They’ve also gone out.

These are different options that you can use with evernote for this example. The different integrations so if we check into any of these what we’re going to see is we’re going to open up an internal link that takes us to a sub-category page or a subset of the main page that talks about a more specific integration of evernote.

Adjust Similar Apps At The Bottom

As a final thing on this landing page if you check all the way down to the bottom. They also have similar apps at the bottom so this is another internal link that takes you to a completely different app and within this app again.

We’re going to have a bunch of different integrations and a bunch of different landing pages that talks about all the sub integrations that you could do that also target the long tail of that specific software.

Let’s summarize what Zapier is doing. They’ve created a super powerful hub of content within their blog. They’re targeting a lot of top of funnel keywords that aren’t exactly related to them but again. It’s an application of their business and they’re targeting it with phenomenal content. But at the same time tying in and pitching their own product.

Building A Lot Of Landing Pages

Finally they’re building a lot of landing pages at scale which is bringing them. A lot of traffic kind of like canva. Actually I made a blog about it last week if you guys want to check it out right here these landing pages cover the long tail of a lot of these topics. Iit’s bringing them a lot of really high quality traffic that is definitely converting well.

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