October 6, 2022

Significance of Facial Implants Market

Facial implants are used for the enhancement of certain features of the face. This surgery can be elective or required as the result of prior surgery on the face. Facial implants are widely used to bring a proper level of balance to the appearance of the face. These implants are most commonly used to enhance the jaw, chin, and/or cheeks. The global facial implants market size was valued at USD 2.2 Bn in 2020, with a burgeoning CAGR throughout the prevised frame of time.

The malar eminence & chin are some of the most common facial sites that are augmented via the implants. Autologous tissues have always been the gold standard for the facial augmentation processes for years, but today alloplastic materials are most widely used.

The purpose of the facial implants is the correction of the facial structure or to enhance the face’s features like cheeks, the jawline, & the chin. In addition to the various cosmetic purposes, facial implants are also widely used for different medical emergencies like injuries & accidents. These implants can also be used widely for augmentation or for the reconstruction surgeries of the face. 

Facial implants give long-lasting & permanent results that are very much crucial in the rise of cosmetic facial implant procedures. Facial implants come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. The anatomical features of a person determine this type of facial implant. The synthetic materials & biomaterials are implemented to prepare facial implants & are available in various sizes & shapes. The Facial implants come in anatomical, round, or oval, shapes used in the maxilla, chin augmentation, & mandibular surgeries.

The different facial implants include Jaw implants, Chin implants, dermal fillers, cheek implants, etc. According to a Statistical data published by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) it was figured out that in 2020, the facelift & eyelid surgery were the topmost cosmetic surgery procedures that were performed in the United States. In addition, based on 2020 data, the overall revenue share of botulinum toxin Type A was worth around 33.1 percent of all fillers in the USA.

Some of the eye-catching developments performed in the market

  • In November 2020, the Lucid Implants successfully inaugurated an advanced manufacturing facility to produce the custom implant products. This initiative was regarded as one of the topmost factors that will augment the market growth in the future across the globe.
  • In September 2020TRUMATCH Titanium 3D-Printed Implants for facial reconstruction was released in the USA by DePuy Synthes. Materialise will be regarded as the exclusive distributor of the new products, who effectively provides software solutions & 3D printing services to the various healthcare & industrial sectors.


a) Eyelid Surgeries

The medical term used for an eyelid lift is also known as blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee) is regarded as a type of surgery that thoroughly repairs the droopy eyelids & can involve the removal of excess skin, muscle & fat. As an individual age, the eyelids stretch, & the muscles supporting them gradually gets weakened.

b.) Facelift Surgery

A facelift, also widely known as rhytidectomy, is defined as a surgical procedure that lifts & tightens these facial tissues. A facelift can involve the removal of excess skin, smoothing out of the folds or wrinkles, & tightening facial tissue. It doesn’t include an eye lift or brow, although these might be done at the same point in time.

c.) Rhinoplasty 

Rhinoplasty is defined by the AAO (American Academy of Otolaryngology) as “a surgical procedure that thoroughly alters the appearance or shape of the nose” with the functional rhinoplasty that is specifically aimed at “enhancing the nasal airway.”

Rhinoplasty generally takes a duration of (1.5 to 3) hours & is usually regarded as an outpatient procedure. In “closed rhinoplasty,” the incisions are made within the nostrils, a technique that has a limited ability to make a significant amount of changes. The average cost of rhinoplasty is around $5,483, as per the 2020 statistics from the AAO (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

The truth behind this is that the rhinoplasty improves the external or internal nasal structure unless the patient himself wants to enhance the other facial features through chin augmentation or facelift. Rhinoplasty might change the size, shape, appearance, projection, or a combination of these elements depending on the various requirements of the patients.


The continuous influence of Social media & celebrities’ influence on the youths will drive the growth of the facial implants market in the upcoming years. In addition, it is also estimated that cosmetic surgery will surge steeply as personal appearance becomes a more critical concern for the population in both developing and developed economies. Other factors which will drive the market growth include trauma cases, a rise in road accidents, youths, and congenital face deformities, which are motivated by celebrities to improve their aesthetics.

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