October 6, 2022
printed boxes

When it comes to printed boxes, wholesale printers can offer a wide variety of box types for you to choose from. However, not all boxes are the same, and there are some factors you will want to consider when choosing the right type of printed box for your needs.

The first thing you need to think about is the shape of the box. There are many shapes to choose from square, rectangular, circular, and oval. The shape of the box depends on what you plan to put in it. If you are shipping products that need to be displayed prominently or fit a particular shape, you will want to choose a box with the appropriate shape.

The next thing to consider is the size of the box. You will want to make sure that the dimensions of the box are suitable for your products. Oversized boxes can be expensive to ship and may not be practical for smaller items. Make sure to consider both the width and height of the box when choosing its dimensions.

Here are some of the most popular types:

Boxes are a great way to package your products. They can also be used to market your brand. When choosing a type of printed box, you need to consider the needs of your customer base and the nature of your product. There are many different types of printed boxes wholesale available, such as:

Rectangular Boxes:

Rectangular boxes are the most popular type of box. They are ideal for a variety of products. Rectangular boxes have six panels and can be printed on all sides.

Square Boxes:

Square boxes are popular because they can be used for many different products. In addition, they can be printed on all sides, just like rectangular boxes.

Die-Cut Boxes:

Die-cut boxes are unique because their shape is not a rectangle or square. This means they are perfect for products that need to be displayed prominently or fit a specific shape. In addition, die-cut boxes can be any shape you want, making them perfect for custom orders.


Slipcases are a type of printed box perfect for products that need extra protection or want to look high-end. They fit snugly around the product and create a polished appearance.

Window Boxes:

Window boxes are an excellent way to show your product. They have a clear front panel so customers can see what is inside. In addition, window boxes are made with cardboard, so they are very sturdy.

Tuck Top Boxes:

Tuck top boxes are similar to slipcases, but they open from the top instead of the side. That makes them perfect for products that need easy access, like candy or small toys.

There are many different types of printed boxes. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks.

The most common box used in packaging today is the rectangular or square “tuck-top” cardboard box. This box has a foldable flap at one end that makes it easy to fill by hand without needing any glue, tape or other adhesive materials during assembly time.

That makes it ideal when shipping large quantities of books or toys because there is no need to worry about damage caused by liquid spills during transit. This can happen if you use an open container like a baggie instead. Tucks also come with perforated edges, so they can be used with tape strips instead of gluing them together before sending out the packages.

How Do You Choose a Tuck Top Box?

If you need a way to ship your product, this might be the answer. The tuck top box is made from solid cardboard. It can handle being handled roughly. And it will stay strong over time. That makes it a good choice for shipping items like books or toys. They won’t get damaged if something spills on them during transit like they might if you used an open container like a baggie instead.

There are different sizes and shapes of boxes, so you can always find one perfect for your needs. Boxes are great for mailing items domestically or internationally.

The tuck top box is a great way to ship goods without getting damaged. Get these boxes from print and packaging solutions. You can find these boxes in many different sizes and shapes, so you will always find one that fits the goods you are sending. These boxes might not be cheap, but they are a lot better than paper boxes that could easily get damaged during shipping.

If you want to ship your products in style, consider using a folding carton box with a tuck top. These boxes are great for small items like toys or clothes because they have flaps on both sides of the lid, which fold down over the contents and don’t require any tape! In addition, these containers come pre-folded along one side, so they are easy to open up again after shipping.

What are the different types of shipping containers?

Box cartons are mainly used for shipping. They come pre-folded with a “T” or cross along one side, and then you pop them open when you’re ready to ship! These containers can be customized in almost any way imaginable; from size, color scheme as well as what type of printing methods should be used on each end cap (or flap) so that your products get noticed by potential customers who might not even know about all these different kinds yet but will soon enough thanks to this informative guide here today!

The most common type of printed box is cardstock. This material is strong and can be made in different weights and thicknesses, perfect for custom packaging solutions. Cardboard boxes have been around since the early 1900s when they were first used to ship products without damaging them during transit time.

Different types of wood pulp can be used to make cardstock. This type of paper is solid and stiff, making it suitable for containers that need to hold much weight. Some common types of wood used include pine or birch plywood boards, which are lighter than solid hardwoods but still very durable.

The next best option for protecting your belongings is corrugated fiberboard panels. These are commonly called cardboard. They are lightweight but still strong enough to protect your belongings from being damaged if they are bumped or dropped. The panels come in different thicknesses, depending on how much protection you need against impact damage.

The third choice would be solid wood boards. These provide a sturdy, durable surface, but they require more maintenance than cardboard counterparts. In addition, the materials will eventually wear out over time due to exposure from moisture in the air and other factors like sunlight rays hitting them directly during hot summer months.

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