October 1, 2022
Best Bike Trailers for Babies

Best Bike Trailers for Babies

For many people, cycling is simply part of everyday life.

Often it is much more pleasant and stress-free to make daily and necessary trips by bike than to use the car.

Full roads, a shortage of parking spaces, and, last but not least, ecological aspects ensure that more and more people are switching to cycling.

For families with children, the bicycle is often the ideal means of transport for the trip to the kindergarten or the playground and even small purchases are gladly done by bike.

Cycling is not only popular in everyday life.

Bike tours are fun and families especially like to use the bike for excursions with their children. As soon as the children can ride their own bikes, all this is no problem.

But what if the kids are still too small? Even with a handcart, children can be optimally transported. Therefore, many parents ask themselves the diamondback clarity 2 review: Handcart or bicycle trailer: Which is better with and without kids?

Bicycle trailers for transporting children are therefore a popular and also optimal solution. However, if there is a baby in the family, many parents are insecure.

Can a baby already be transported in a bicycle trailer or is it not still much too small? However, all parents of small babies can be reassured. In principle, babies can also be transported in a bicycle trailer.

But babies are still very sensitive and need special attention when it comes to finding a suitable bicycle trailer for the baby. How must such a trailer be equipped and what should be taken into account when choosing? For parents, there are many questions about a good baby bicycle trailer.

We introduce you to the best kids mountain bike. In our model descriptions, you will find all the important information about the presented model, so that the purchase decision after a comparison of the models is certainly easier.

In our guide, you will find the answers to the most urgent questions about buying a perfect bicycle trailer for the baby. How should a baby bicycle trailer be equipped? How is the baby transported in a trailer at all and is that really safe?

We not only explain what requirements a baby bicycle trailer should necessarily meet, but also give helpful tips for possible accessories that can be extremely practical and useful when using a baby bicycle trailer.

It is also worth considering whether the baby bicycle trailer should perhaps be foldable, or whether the trailer should also fulfill other functions at the same time.

Especially when transporting a baby, it makes sense, for example, that the bicycle trailer can also be used as a stroller. For example, when traveling, the stroller can stay at home.

Last but not least, you will also learn what you can do yourself to make the bike ride as comfortable and pleasant as possible for your baby.

We hope to give you enough information about baby bicycle trailers with our guide so that the choice of the perfect bicycle trailer for your needs is easier and wish you a lot of fun reading!

Guide: What should you pay attention to when buying a baby bicycle trailer?

The bicycle is very much in vogue. It is often much more practical to cover the daily small distances by bike than to drive through the crowded inner cities by car and to accept a long search for a parking space.

In addition, cycling offers a lot of fun and is a popular leisure activity for many people. Not to forget the ecological aspect. No means of transport is as environmentally friendly as the bicycle.

No wonder, then, that even young families do not want to do without cycling when the baby is still small and cannot yet sit alone.

However, many bicycle trailers for children are not particularly suitable for transporting babies and if a baby is on board, there are also many open questions about safety and the special requirements for a good baby bicycle trailer.

If you are not only looking for baby bicycle trailers, but also for dog bicycle trailers or children bicycle trailers, you will find further high-quality bicycle trailers at fair prices on our homepage.

We want to answer the most important questions about the optimal baby bicycle trailer in this guide.

From what age can babies be transported in a bicycle trailer at all?

A bicycle trailer is extremely helpful and practical for parents if the children are not yet able to ride their own bikes. In principle, babies only a few weeks old can be taken in a bicycle trailer.

Nevertheless, most manufacturers point out that the trailer is only suitable for children from 18 months. However, this does not mean that smaller babies should not be taken in a bicycle trailer.

The reference to the age restriction is given instead, because the trailers are equipped with child seats, in which children from 18 months, secured with a seat belt, can sit alone.

Babies who cannot yet sit alone must be transported in a baby seat or a baby hammock. The system is therefore comparable to that in the car.

Whether newborns should already be transported with a baby bicycle trailer, the parents must ultimately decide for themselves. Even doctors do not agree on whether a ride in a baby bicycle trailer is recommended for newborns.

However, one should bear in mind that the spine and neck muscles of newborns are still very weak and sensitive. However, if the baby is already 4 to 6 weeks old, he can safely participate in the bike tour in a baby seat or a hammock for babies.

Hammock or infant car seat – Which is better?

Most bicycle trailers for transporting children can be retrofitted with a baby seat or a baby hammock and thus converted into a baby bicycle trailer.

Many manufacturers offer suitable infant car seats or hammocks as accessories.

On some models, the car car seat can also be used. If the purchase decision for such a model is made, however, it should be remembered that the shell must be installed and removed again and again. For models with a matching shell or hammock, however, this can remain in the baby bicycle trailer until the next ride.

In order for a baby seat or a hammock to be integrated at all, the trailer must be equipped with at least 3-point belts. Better and above all safer are 5-point belts.

Whether a baby seat or a hammock is used is mainly a personal decision. Both systems have their advantages and also their disadvantages.

Thus, the baby is in a baby seat in the perfect lying position. The spine and neck muscles are optimally aligned and many babies find this position so comfortable that they like to fall asleep in the infant car seat.

The disadvantage of transport in a baby seat is that the baby in the shell is exposed to shocks and unevenness of the path just as much as children who can already sit in the child seat of the trailer. For very young babies, the journey could be too strenuous depending on the way conditions.

A hammock, however, absorbs shocks and jerky movements better than a fixed infant car seat. However, fixing the correct lying position of very small babies in a hammock is not nearly as good as in a fixed infant car seat.

The baby could therefore literally collapse during the ride and ultimately find himself in a very uncomfortable lying position. The use of hammocks is therefore usually only recommended for babies from 9 months.

No matter which transport variant the parents ultimately decide, you should keep in mind that the infant car seat or hammock must be compatible with the trailer model. If the manufacturer offers appropriate baby car seats or hammocks as accessories, only these models fit into the baby bicycle trailer.

If conventional infant car seats can be used, there is usually also a manufacturer’s note in which the compatible shells are named.

What should be paid special attention to when buying a baby bicycle trailer?

Basically, a bicycle trailer with which children are transported must of course be safe and comfortable. With a baby bicycle trailer, however, the purchase decision should be made with special care, because when it comes to baby transport, there are a few things that are particularly important.

It usually makes sense to spend a little more for a pronounced baby bicycle trailer and to rely on high-quality models. These are often perfectly equipped and offer the comfort a baby needs.

Seat belts (3-point belts or even better 5-point belts) must be present. Without appropriate seat belts, no infant car seat or hammock can be installed in the baby bicycle trailer.

The interior should also offer enough storage space to take the most important baby utensils with you. Good rain, UV, and insect protection are also essential. Attention should also be paid to the processing of materials tested for the protection of the baby.

In addition, the baby bicycle trailer should have a really high-quality and good suspension. Babies are still very sensitive, so a good suspension is mandatory.

It is practical for parents if the baby bicycle trailer has a low weight and can be folded up to save space. Even models that can be used as strollers at the same time have proven to be useful and practical in practice.

It goes without saying that in addition to these properties, reflectors and possibly lighting are also absolutely part of it.

How to optimize the suspension itself

Even if special attention should be paid to the suspension when buying a baby bicycle trailer, you can also do a few things yourself to improve and optimize the suspension.

If the child is already 9 months or older, it is recommended to use a hammock. Hammocks cushion unevenness even better than baby car seats. Baby bicycle trailers are almost without exception equipped with pneumatic tires. If the tire pressure is kept as low as possible, this springs far better than tires with full tire pressure.

On a few models, the trailer suspension can even be manually adjusted to the weight to be transported. Such a manual adjustment option is of course ideally suited to transport a baby.

Ultimately, everyone can ensure that the baby can enjoy the gentlest and most comfortable ride in the trailer when choosing the driving route. Bumpy routes, but also potholes on the way and curbs should therefore be avoided as far as possible when transporting a baby.

What accessories are there for Baby Bicycle Trailers?

For most high-quality bicycle trailers for transporting children and babies, there are plenty of accessories. Often further accessories are not necessary when buying such a trailer, as the high-quality models are also optimally equipped. However, if a baby is transported with it, one or the other purchase is worthwhile.

For example, it may be useful to install a seat reduction in the baby bicycle trailer. The purchase is especially worthwhile if the baby can already sit alone, but is still so small that it slips back and forth in the seat.

Additional headrests can also be useful for the comfortable sitting of the child. For very small babies, the purchase of a special sleeping bag is often worthwhile. If the child is covered with a blanket instead, he can trample it away while driving.

In a sheep bag, on the other hand, the baby is always warmly packed and the parents can be sure that their baby will not cool down during the journey.


The purchase of a bicycle trailer, even if the child is still very small, is not only a very sensible, but also a very useful investment for many parents.

Although there are no special baby bicycle trailers in the true sense, a bicycle trailer for transporting children can become a practical baby bicycle trailer, as long as it has the right equipment features and meets the special requirements for baby transport.

In addition to the conventional safety features, a baby bicycle trailer must be equipped with a 3-point, but better with a 5-point seat belt. This is the only way to safely install a suitable infant car seat or a hammock.

When making a purchase decision, the rule of thumb applies – the smaller the baby, the better the suspension of the pendant should be. Equally important are good protection against UV radiation, rain, and insects as well as production from non-toxic materials.

If you choose the right baby bicycle trailer with care and taking into account the most important criteria, you may still be able to think about buying one or the other useful and practical accessories.

Especially when transporting babies, these little helpers can sometimes make a big difference in comfort and make bike rides with the baby an even greater pleasure for adults and baby.

Last but not least, everyone can also do something themselves so that the bike ride is also nice and pleasant for the baby. Even with the best and most comfortable baby bicycle trailer, not every route is suitable.

If you pay attention to all this and take a look at the selection of the best baby bicycle trailers, you are guaranteed to find the perfect baby bicycle trailer for your own baby.

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