September 27, 2022
Latest 5G Mobile

This year has resulted in a terrific year for smartphones: traditional slab phones have all been incredibly polished while new phones are entering the market. So if you’re in the market for a new phone, now is as good a time to try your hands on the latest Tecno’s latest 5G mobile. 5G mobile phones today embrace variety and include devices from several companies. As a result, there are a lot of different, unique and upcoming 5G phones coming on the market. 

Tecno Pova 5G has shown to be a successful brand, as TECNO’s previous versions were instant hits, and its latest model is causing a stir in the mid-price bracket. The TECNO’s latest 5G mobile is a good option for those on a tight budget. Upcoming 5G phones are already in demand among today’s generation and while some are yet to come out, TECNO Pova 5G has taken the lead here. However, if you are looking for the right reasons why TECNO Pova 5G should be your choice, we have got you covered.

Everlasting Battery Experience

One of the best features of TECNO Pova 5G is its long-lasting battery life, TECNO Pova 5G mobile phones come with 6000 mAh battery life. If you are also one of them who lets the phone be fully charged before using then, you can enjoy calling time of 55 hours, an internet time of 17 hours, and music time of 183 hours. The device also comes with an 18W fast charger, and the smartphone can go from 0% to 50% in just 33 minutes, if, on standby, the phone can go without charging for 32 days.

Future-ready with 5G

TECNO Pova 5G is the latest 5G mobile you can buy in 2022. Being budget-friendly and yet giving all the amazing features makes TECNO Pova 5G a must for all the users. The smartphone comes with 11 5G bands ensuring the fastest internet speed joining the upcoming 5G phones in India. How TECNO Pova joined the 5G league is a work of its own. 5G mobile phones use the top tier MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor, which has a built-in 5G modem that facilitates the new era of 5G connectivity. 

A large dynamic display

If you are also dependent on your phone to watch the latest movies and series then TECNO Pova is the phone for you. TECNO Pova 5G comes with a huge 17.5cms FHD + Dot-in display. TECNO Pova’s new 5G mobile phones also have a 120Hz refresh rate and a massive 91% screen to body ratio making the phone easy to hold.  

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Blazingly fast 5G processor and superb performance

The TECNO Pova 5G, like other future 5G phones, has an octa-core chipset that runs at 2.4GHz. Surprisingly, no other smartphone with such a fast chipset offers such functionality. The 900 dimensity uses less power and consumes less battery. Because the smartphone is equipped with such a powerful processor, it will perform more efficiently and deliver excellent gaming results.

While the device’s onboard RAM is 8GB LPDDR, the TECNO Pova 5G has a trick up its sleeve, adding an extra 3GB of virtual memory. The smartphone is set up so that if the user needs more RAM, the gadget will immediately use the ROM as RAM. 
After so many amazing features offered by TECNO Pova 5G, it has become a trendsetter among the upcoming 5G mobiles, from a robust processor like the MediaTek Dimensity, virtual extended RAM to an impeccable battery experience, it has something for both you and me. And the cherry on the cake is its beautiful colours like  Aether black colour, that would definitely want you to bring it home.

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