September 27, 2022
Tecno new mobile launch in India

Tecno new mobile launch in India

When it comes to setting high standards in the industry, Tecno Mobile has always been the winner in the race. Earlier, the company had come up with India’s first Smartphone loaded with a 7000mAh battery and a 33W Flash Charger. Now, with its new mobile launch in India, i.e. the Spark 9, it has again set a benchmark with India’s 1st 11GB Smartphone. 

With its affordable price and endless features, the Tecno Spark 9 is a game-changer. From an extendable 11GB* virtual RAM and a 90Hz refresh rate to an Octa-Core processor, you name it, and it has it. Furthermore, this Indian company mobile also comes with mesmerizing colours that enhance and upscale your entire personality when you carry it along with you.

  • Country’s first Smartphone with 11GB RAM

When Tecno does it, it does it with style! This latest Smartphone by Tecno is India’s first Smartphone with 11GB RAM. With this, one can multitask and launch multiple applications in a smooth manner without any interruption. Further, with the Memory Fusion feature, this device mobilizes the idle memory to improve the overall operation speed. 

  • Display that enhances your experience

With a 90Hz refresh rate and higher resolution, the Spark 9, one of the Tecno mobiles new models, offers an unparallel smartphone experience. Moreover, as it comes with a 6.6-inch HD Dot Notch Screen, it makes your every task more easier. Also, as it comes with DTS-powered speakers, it gives you an immersive experience every time you watch your favourite television show or movie on Spark 9. 

  • Large Battery for an endless day

The Spark 9, one of the latest Indian company mobile, comes packed with a 5000mAh battery, offering an uninterrupted experience for the entire day. When you invest in this Smartphone, you are all set to say goodbye to ‘Low Battery.  

  • An Ultimate Processor

The Spark 9 is loaded with a MediaTek Helio G37 Octa-Core Processor, which enhances the entire smartphone experience and upscales it at every level. From smoother and realistic animations, fast application loading and sharper pictures, this chip is what sets this Smartphone apart from others. 

  • Cameras that capture the charm

With this new mobile launch in India, Tecno Mobile also attracts an audience for its cameras. It has always tended to offer state-of-the-art camera technology. On the rear, the Spark 9 comes with a 13MP Dual Camera with Dual Flash; on the other side, it has an 8MP Camera with Single Flash. So whether you are travelling or shooting an important moment, take your Spark 9 out and be ready to capture the beauty. 

TECNO Spark 9

As the Covid-19 outbreak struck our country back in March 2020, many companies and organizations moved to the work-from-home culture, and it’s been around two and a half years, and still, many people are working from their abodes or are working in the hybrid mode. This factor has enabled many people to use their smartphones for many tasks. So, the Spark 9, with its powerful RAM, Memory and Apt Screen Size, allows you to complete every task efficiently. 

Also, the Spark 9, one of the Tecno mobiles new models, has an ultra power-saving mode that offers a more extended battery backup with need-based intelligent optimizations. All in all, if you are looking for a top-notch smartphone that doesn’t even take a toll on your pocket, the Spark 9 is the right choice. 

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