October 6, 2022

What advice do you give to someone who has just undergone a traumatic experience? Maybe most of the time a, simple advice as ‘past is past, and we have to move on.’ However, if you are a trauma victim, you may know that past may not leave that quickly and go out of reach. It may remain to haunt at the edges of one’s everyday life, destroy any happiness, and consistently make one insecure everywhere. For some people, it may be a feeling of reluctance or despair with an anxious tightness all the time in the chest. For a few, living with a traumatic past may be like living without any relationships, unable to trust anyone around, and feeling overwhelmed by every minor event. They tend to see only evil and slowly start to hate the world.

  • Teal Swan – How to help recover from trauma?

If you have gone through a traumatic experience, knowing that you are not alone is very important. Trauma is a psychotic condition that covers a wide range of scenarios, and millions of individuals across the globe experience it in one way or another. The National Child did a study by; Traumatic Stress Network reveals that the children alone, about 68 percent of them in the US, have experienced some traumatic event by 16. Here are some tips by Teal Swan to deal with trauma by unleashing the power of your inner strength.

  • Give time to mourn and adjust.

This is the time for you to vent out, and do not try to suppress your feelings during this period. You may try to seek support from your family and friends. During the pandemic, people also tend to seek help from online communities. Never isolate yourself. It is advised to engage in some healthy activities like eating well, exercising, engage in activities, which may boost your mood. Remember, mental health goes hand in hand with physical health.

  • Build and maintain a routine

Humans are habitual creatures. We find comfort in eating at the same time of the day, enjoying a coffee at the same time each day, exercising at a specific time, etc. So, it may be ideal to build a proper structure after your traumatic experience to regain control of yourself. You may try to avoid making any big decisions during the post-traumatic period. Never engage in activities that may increase the stress level. You can also take the assistance of a professional guide to help with your personal goal settings which you can work out at home.

  • Breaking free of all negative thoughts

Avoid any blame on others or things around. You may try to eliminate negative thoughts about yourself and others. You may start practicing speaking positively about things around you, including yourself. When you begin to see negatives, you will see only that all around you.

Once you start practicing this, you will soon identify the defense mechanism that will protect you from the aftermaths of trauma and help you get back to your usual self soon. Teal Swan is a personal mentor and life coach who can assist you in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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