October 6, 2022

The bathroom space has to face plenty of wear & tear. This space has to bear plenty of foot traffic because every member of the family uses the master bathroom at some point of the day. If that is not enough a reason for wear & tear, this space also has to fight moisture. These two are the big reasons for the deterioration of this space and there could always be some clutter formation in the bath space. Hence, there could be some significant damage to this part of the home and you would be eager to make improvements. A bathroom in a bad state is not good and also impacts home value negatively. This space needs some improvements and it will only be possible via a remodeling service. Here are some remodeling ideas that you can incorporate into the bath space.

Some paint on the walls

There has been mention of moisture damage possible in the bathroom space and that can be felt in the form of mold, mild dew on the walls. It does not look good at all and there is a need to hide it. You perhaps cannot break down the walls but a better way to hide these signs is to apply a coat of paint. That is the best way you can hide all the damage and give this space a new look. If the bathroom space is small one should opt for light color paint and that should help to make the area look bigger.

Look to improve the lights in this space

One should also look to improve the lights in this space. If you are looking to enhance lightning in this space, there are two options at your disposal.

There could always be an intention to bring more natural lights into the bathroom space. One can have large windows in the bathroom to let natural light in. There is also the scope to have a skylight in this space.

There will certainly be a need to have artificial lights in this space because natural lights are effective only during the day. You can look to have a blend of recessed and focal lights for the bath space.

The right flooring for the bathroom space

It is very important to pick the right flooring for the bathroom space. More than the walls, it is the floors of the bathroom space that has to bear the brunt of moisture. Hence, you need to be careful on the floor and many love the solid wood floors. This form of flooring infuses great character in the bathroom space, but they often fail to stand up against the bathroom rigors. The ceramic or porcelain tiles are a better option as flooring for the bathroom space. Sheet vinyl flooring is also a wonderful option that can be used in the bathroom space.

Look to improve the ventilation

You have done a lot of remodeling in the bathroom space and finally, one must also look to improve the ventilation. Proper ventilation is extremely necessary for the positive effects of remodeling work to stay for a longer duration. Hence, finally, after you have done the core remodeling, a check on the ventilation systems becomes essential.


We have discussed extensively the remodeling of the bathroom space but would like to add that it is not the job of a novice. You will have to book a professional service and one can browse the Esperto Builders website. Their bathroom remodeling team is one of the best in the city of San Jose. The can bring about a transformation to the bathroom space beyond your imagination. One can seek their help to transform this space.

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