October 6, 2022
Online admissions

The increasing number of students seeking admissions in institutes along with the rise in the number of courses, programs, and certifications has made it difficult for the colleges to manage the process of admission. Further, the institute faces difficulties in generating merit lists with a large number of students, handling paperwork, collecting documents from students, managing application forms, and several other activities required to be formed.

The online admission software automates all these processes and helps the institutes manage admission with ease. It offers a better admission experience to the students along with increasing their engagement in the admission activities in the following ways.

Giving Login Credentials-

Once the students apply for admission to an institute, they are given a set of login credentials in the institute’s portal. It contains their application form, all the information, course preferences, and others. After the login credentials are given to the students, there is better transparency in institute’s operations and admission process.

This increases confidence among the students to track the admission process online. It enables the students to get access to all the lists, course allocation details, any institute updates or important information.

Ability to Track Status-

The online admissions enables the students to track admission status online using their login credentials. The status will be dependent on which process of admission is carried out in the institute at the given time. The online system eliminates the need for the students to visit the institute for checking admission dates, lists, fees payment, and other queries.

Admission status tracking enables the students to take the necessary actions required to confirm their admission in the institute.

Online Chat Option-

The online admission system offers a chat option to the students on the online portal. It helps the students to ask questions or queries to the institute. It enables them to get their doubts cleared. It offers constant handholding to the students during the process of admissions and clears the smallest of doubts regarding the use of the software or admission process.

It answers the common frequently asked questions by the students or one can also get in touch with the faculty members to ask personalized questions.

Online Merit Lists-

The system considers the entrance exam marks, students’ degrees and certifications along with their course preferences to generate a merit list. The process is automated and carried out by the software. It ensures 100% accuracy and efficiency of operations. The students can check the merit list on the online portal itself.

They do not have to visit the institute to check if their name is displayed on the list or if they are eligible for admission to the institute. The students do not have to rush to the institute again and again. They can just keep checking the online portal.

Contact Information-

The online admission software offers complete contact information about the concerned faculty members for the process of admission, or in case of any questions or problems faced by the students during admissions. They can connect with the students using the Email/call option or even use the chat option for contacting the institute.

Online Fees Payment-                                                                                                                                     

Online fee payment enables the students to pay fees remotely using an online medium like net banking, UPI, online payment gateways, and credit/debit cards. The system eases the process of admission confirmation in the institutes, which increases their interest and engagement during the process. The software hands over e-receipts to the students for admission confirmation.

The online fees payment method enables the complete admission process remotely. This allows the students to visit the institute only for reporting. The whole process is made smooth and compatible with the students and parents.


Online admission software enables the students to conduct the entire process of admission online with better transparency and ease as compared to the traditional ways of admission. Further, all the admission data and student behavior is recorded in the system and learned using AI technology to offer a better user experience to the students. The system is easy to use and highly secure.

The system is based on a cloud platform with centralized data storage and ease of access to the faculty members of the institute.

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