September 27, 2022

Shower rail kits are an important part of every shower area. Recent surveys show that people prefer showers over baths. There is no surprise; many people want a change from old traditional style baths. Perhaps, there are various benefits that a shower provides over baths for the young generation. It is relatively easier to get ready quickly in the morning as getting a shower only takes a few minutes. While baths, on the other hand, have their own advantages that no one can deny. The bath and shower combos or showers are gaining popularity in the UK.

If you have already decided on the shower, then you will need to decide between the two options that are the shower rail kit and shower riser kits. These are types of fixtures that facilitate your showering. It will be worthwhile to clearly understand the difference between the two so you can take an informed decision.

What Is a Shower Rail Kit?

The shower rail kits are designed to make your showering experience easier, quicker, and hassle-free. This makes the adjustments of the showerhead possible. So, you can change it according to your height. For example, a shorter person can bring the shower head closer to them. While similarly, any with more height will not need to bend for a shower as adjustment will be possible. The slider bar is often a vertical rod that fits on the wall, with the movement of the showerhead up and down with at least two stoppers at each end. The showerhead connects to the taps via a hose and can slide up and down accordingly.

Different Components of a Shower Rail Kits.

There are the following components of a shower rail kit that together makes a complete set.

  • Shower Head. It is a main and essential part of every shower kit. It is what showers the water with pressure, so you can take a shower as per your need. The head directly connects to the water outlet tap through a flexible hose.
  • Flexible Hose. The flexible hose is a kind of spring thatis flexible, used to provide a connection between the showerhead and outlet elbow. It can bend very easily to provide flexibility to use the shower as required.
  • Slider Rail. The slider rail is a kind of rod that runsvertically through the wall from up to down. It provides the mainframe at which you can adjust theheight accordingly.
  • Outlet Elbow. It is the connection of the tap that is connected to the flexible hose to supply water to the showerhead. It is a kind of tap that is for the water supply or connection.

Difference Between Shower Rail Kit and Shower Rigid Riser Kit?

Shower kits generally have fewer differences than similarities. The major types are shower rail kits, and shower riser kits look pretty much the same. Both mounts are on the wall. These come in two different designs that are traditional and modern styles. Whether you need modern contemporary or classic design, you have styles available to complement your bathroom perfectly. So, now we come to the differences. The only difference between these two is that the riser kit has a fixed height, which is not adjustable and your shower rails can be adjusted as per your requirements. In addition to that, in some cases, the riser kits come with an additional shower head that is suitable for washing your hair or for any other need for washing. The main head shower will remain fixed at its height.

Final Thoughts about Shower Rail Kit

With our discussion above about shower rail kits, you can easily understand what it is and why it is important. We also have provided brief information about the difference between the rail kits and riser kits. Where the difference is less than the similarities, you can choose any style, as per your requirements. You can check the latest shower mixers and shower accessories at the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website.

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