September 27, 2022

Every year, the average attention span of a person decreases. According to a Microsoft Corp. study from 2015, consumers lose concentration for eight seconds. Furthermore, many people today have an attention span of less than a goldfish! The attention span of these typically unfocused critters is nine seconds.

Since Google began sending out improvements, SEO copywriting has evolved. Suppose you want to create valuable content that ranks well on Google while also driving paying customers or customers to your website. In that case, you must consider the components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a foreign language to many people. Others regard SEO as a jumbled Rubik’s Cube that they have yet to solve. Do not let this happen to you.

Know Who You’re Trying to Reach

Children or young adults could be your stated target audience. Perhaps it’s as detailed as the Book Club on your blog.

Identifying your target audience can be quite helpful in deciding how to effectively optimize your blog, regardless of the type of audience your site is supposed to attract.

You may view your site’s analytics using several different methods. Some of them may be more extensive, so look for a tool that provides you with all of the information you require in an easily accessible style. The following is a list of some common blogging tools.

  • Start utilizing Google Analytics to understand more about your customers.
  • Facebook offers metrics as well.
  • Word Press provides built-in monitoring reports to its users, allowing them to see traffic on their blog right away.
  • Create a reader persona to help you identify and recognize your target audience.

Set Objectives for Your Posts

Before writing your piece, you must first decide on a goal and write it down. Consider the following examples of worthwhile objectives:

  • Attract repeat customers for years to come.
  • Persuade others to take action on your brilliant idea.
  • Promote a new service or product.
  • Inform your readers of positive news.
  • Write an email with your participation in a discussion.

Pick the Relevant Keywords

The next step is to select the appropriate keywords.

In your SEO blog entries, you should aim for three to five core keyword phrases, with sub keyword phrases ranging from one to two.

The goal is to select keywords with a high volume but low difficulty; therefore, targeting three to five core keyword phrases is not only possible but preferable.

In other words, keywords with many users clicking on your SEO blog posts, low difficulty, and a large ratio of users clicking on your SEO blog posts will be regarded as useless since they do not meet your target audience.

Execute a Competitor Analysis

Examine your competition more closely to determine how you can outperform them.

This method works well and is simple to execute. You may not be aware of all of your competition. Type your main term into Google and wait for the results to appear on the screen.

You might check at blog articles or similar content on websites similar to those you’re writing for.

Examine the outline of each article carefully and make notes on how you might improve their SEO blog posts. The goal is always to write 100 times better content than your competitor’s page.

Make Your Post

  • Consider these strategies for writing excellent SEO blog posts now that you’re ready to start writing.
  • Include multimedia: This can be in photographs, movies, or other forms of multimedia.
  • Tell a story: Wit throughout the piece to help draw attention to your brand. Use humour to keep the audience interested and entertained and give your content personality.
  • Case studies or real-life examples are useful: They’re helpful in that they help you balance out your thoughts.

Finally, optimizing blog content aids web developers (or anybody else interested in creating a website) increase organic traffic. Those unfamiliar with your niche will find your site easier to navigate.

Furthermore, when people use SEO strategies in their blog posts, they aim for direct and unpaid traffic. These are just a few key takeaways for understanding and applying SEO to your blog posts, so keep reading to learn how rankings, website traffic, lead generation, and more. 

Today’s world moves at breakneck speed, and every business must communicate effectively with its customers, particularly when attracting their attention.
Our copywriting product exists as either an add-on or a standalone product. Any copy or content you require will be rewritten, improved, or created from scratch.

They need a well-written copy to attract their audience’s attention, engage them, and convert them.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at copywriting, you’ll know it’s not an easy task.

Writing world-class copy that engages and converts is a craft that necessitates a unique set of abilities.

Contently aims to assist you in connecting with your audience. Stronger storytelling skills, whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner. It is an important talent to have today if you want to capture and keep people’s attention.

You’ve probably thought a hundred times when working on your copywriting, SEO, or content marketing study.

As a standalone product, we, like SEO copywriting services,  can be used to create a variety of different types of copy, including:

  • ​Book Copyrights  
  • Articles
  • Book Formatting
  • Book Audio
  • Web Content
  • Author Website
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book Cover Designing
  • Book Trailor 

 And much more.

Your Reader Won’t Be Able To Read Everything.

The brain is strange to comprehend; it must concentrate on certain facts. The brain is weird because it must concentrate on certain information to comprehend.

You can’t even deliver your wonderful ideas to your prospect unless you’ve gotten her to look in your direction first.

We may use attention to filter out the irrelevant information and choose which information will enter and remain in our awareness. Because human concentration is restricted, we cannot offer our attention to everything, and our attention decides what to “pay attention to.”

The thoughts of your readers are quite selective. So we need to give them a cause to listen to our material rather than everything else they may be listening to.

You can ensure that content is added to your website, saving you money in the long run by helping you rank organically in Google by having us produce your blogs.

Creative Writing Expert can give you top-notch ghostwriters who can assist you with their intellectual approach and years of experience in a copywriting company. To work efficiently, a Creative Writing expert employs a lot of enthusiasm, creativity, and wit.

While tried-and-true ways and words can help your business make sales, an imaginative and lyrical copy will attract your readers’ attention and help you create a long-term relationship with them.

Everything we do revolves around you, from the people who come up with the idea to the writers who know exactly how you want your words to sound, to how we prioritize what you need to get started. Being an SEO copywriting company, we work hard to keep you at your peak performance level, and are committed to you, your passion, and your time. Creative Writing experts shine in this area.


It might be difficult to create effective and efficient material for a blog or website. Many established content authors have a strong understanding of SEO and hence have no issue attracting a consistent readership. On the other hand, new content creators will find it more difficult to establish themselves and earn organic views.

We’ve given you a great introduction to SEO tactics here, but contact The Creative Writing expert, SEO company to write your content if you’d rather leave it to the pros.

Do not despair if you suddenly learn you have a lot of existing material that wasn’t written with these strategies in mind. We can also optimize your existing material!

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