October 6, 2022

As of late, mediation has become a mainstay in divorce cases in various decision-making, including child custody. Mediation helps the divorcing parents reach a mutual agreement related to their children’s physical and legal custody without going through the painful and time-taking procedures of expensive court contests. Mediation is also a legal way of dispute resolution through alternative methods.

During these mediation sessions, the couple meets with a professional mediator in an informal setting such as the mediator’s office, at a mutually comfortable place, or online. They are considering the mediator as a guide who stands for the best interest of both parties and navigates the couple through the entire process and seeing if they can come upon a collective agreement. Sometimes, the couple may work with a mutually trustable mediator, or otherwise, they may have different attorneys who talk together and prepare a mediation agreement.

How does mediation help? Ronald Phillips New York

In terms of family law disputes and cases like custody, mediators do not make a final judgment on the matter of arguments, unlike the arbitration or court proceedings. Instead, the mediators use their skills and knowledge to bring the parties to a table and guide them through the path of a compromise that both of them can live with. In divorce, successfully mediators like Ronald Phillips New York will help end up with a more acceptable settlement for both the parties, which will be made in a written agreement to follow.

Some tips for successful child custody mediation

Once the divorce happens, most couples adopt mediation to settle the disagreements regarding child custody. Here are some tips from the expert mediators while coming to mediation for child custody.

  • Do not bring up anything unrelated to children – While coming for mediation for child custody, you should remember that it is not divorced mediation. So, you should not muddy the water by discussing other issues than the specific topic of custody and visitation.
  • Be mindful of the language – While referring to the kids, it is always ideal to mention them as ‘our kid’s and not ‘my kids.’ The mediation also should be made less aggressive and more inclusive.
  • Do not let emotions get the best of you – Even though everyone puts in the best effort to get the things settled, there may be times when the discussion may heat up. Mediators may be trying to calm the water, but it is ideal to take a break and resuming the session later if you act upon your emotions. You should not use it as an excuse to unload the curse on another parent, which may only adversely affect the outcome of the mediation.

To conclude, mediation has become the most popular and acceptable method of settling the issues related to the custody of kids. Many qualified mediators offer professional mediation services, like Ronald Phillips New York. So, before thinking of resolving the disputes by filing court cases, it is ideal to explore the option of mediation and see how it will work out in your case.

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