September 27, 2022
embroidery bolton

Did you know that customizing your workers’ clothing will not only look aesthetic but will also bring you many advantages? And what are they? We tell you!

Customizing work clothes is not only aesthetic since it is no longer a simple uniform that other companies may have. With personalized work clothes, you will be able to attract more clients, this will add value to your brand and help position it since it will generate a lot of trust and transmit professionalism among potential future clients.

Finally, this customization will make your company stand out from the others because we will give it a unique and personalized touch. In Prosegtar there are no limits to the imagination.

At Prosegtar we have been customizing our clients’ looks for more than 25 years so that they feel at ease and comfortable with their looks. In our team, we are very lucky to have a professional embroiderer, embroidery Bolton who together with the professional serigraphs, will help your garments to be ideal to work with and, above all, with which you feel more like yourself than ever.

Personalized work clothes will also give personality to your company. And you can customize it as you like best, you can put your brand logo, you can create your brand logo using a tool like PhotoADKing’s online logo maker, as we see in the photograph, you can also put the name of the worker or even put a phrase that means a lot to you, such as a company motto. There are endless options!

There are several places where clothing can be personalized, the most basic and usual being the chest and the back. Despite that, there are places like the bottom of the aprons that can also be customized without any problem.

What work garment is better to customize?

As we have already mentioned, we can customize all kinds of garments, despite that, the most common are aprons, shirts, jackets, and even bandanas. If you are one of those daring ones, you can even personalize the socks, if you can see them, the pants, or, if you wear a bow tie, personalize them to your liking.

We offer printing services, and stamping…, and we also offer screen printing or sublimation techniques, depending on how the logo is and depending on the garments to be marked, we will use one technique or another.

The cold is over with our work shirts and jackets!

The winter months are complicated months for everyone, the cold, many times, complicates our working hours, especially for those who work abroad. That is why at Prosegtar we offer you all kinds of clothing and work accessories so that your working day is as comfortable as possible and that the cold is not an impediment when working.

For those who work outdoors, we recommend our work shirts and jackets. When we bundle up, it is important to keep ourselves warm from the beginning, that is why we recommend our work undershirt, which will make you feel comfortable from the moment you start dressing. The fabric of this undershirt is made to protect you from the cold at any time, and it can be worn by all kinds of people and in all kinds of work environments since normally, it is not visible and it is very well concealed. At the same time, it fits so comfortably against the skin that it seems that nothing is being worn, so it is easy to go warm without being uncomfortable at all.

To put on you, we recommend our high visibility fire retardant jacket S778, a perfect jacket to be visible to cars and thus avoid accidents, as well as to stay warm during the working day. Keeping them safe and comfortable at all times.

Footwear also plays an important role in protecting us from the cold, since the feet are the part of our body that is responsible for regulating body temperature. That is why we must keep our feet warm at all times. That is why we must wear thick socks that protect us from the cold and shoes that do the same, an example of these, which at the same time will protect us, is our safety shoes.

For those people who work in work areas where the cold is not so harsh, but they are still cold, we also recommend our undershirts and our work jackets, for example, for cooks and kitchen helpers, we recommend our unisex jacket. This garment will make work easier and more comfortable. And for those who always have cold ears, we recommend our mushroom-shaped chef’s hat, perfect for pulling hair back and avoiding hairs in food and also to reduce and avoid cold ears, a very cold area for some people.

In these cold months, it’s time to protect ourselves more than ever, we must take care of ourselves to be healthy and avoid colds. This is very simple with our winter clothes, perfect to spend the coldest months of the hottest at work.

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