October 6, 2022
noodles in India

noodles in India

Instant noodles have been a favourite meal (or snack) in Singapore for decades, with authentic flavours and tummy-filling goodness. Instant noodles are perfect for eating quickly on-the-go, or for sitting down to enjoy with family and friends as an addition to a bigger traditional Singaporean buffet-style dining experience. 

Instant noodles are also a dish that can be easily enjoyed by everyone, as there’s a universe of toppings and flavourings that can be added to really make it personal for each individual. From meat options like duck and beef, veggies like pumpkin, all the way to a world of sauces and spices.

Indians eat instant noodles too! In fact, some Indians have even created their own versions of instant noodles in India that taste just as good as the ones you know from home but with Indian flavours!

1. Pesto

A classic Italian sauce, this green paste combines ingredients like garlic cloves, parmesan and basil to create its signature colour. Once exclusive to traditional pasta dishes, it can bring a punch of fresh flavour to your instant noodles – not only is it tasty, but ingredients like olive oil and pine nuts contain unsaturated fats, which may help improve blood cholesterol.

2. Cheese slices

When placed on noodles, something magic happens to cheese slices, creating a luxurious, luscious texture that is wonderful, particularly in combination with gochujang, Korean chilli paste. Plus, they have a very long use-by period, meaning that your topping may last as long in the fridge as your packet of noodles does in the cupboard!

3. Sesame seeds and flaxseeds

If you’ve been looking for a delicious way to boost your daily intake of sesame seeds and linseeds, try our Noodles in India. Whether you’re using them for a nutritious snack on their own, as a base for a spicy curry or stir fry, or as part of an innovative salad  they’re a tasty and nutritious way to add essential minerals and vitamins to your diet.

4. Edamame beans

One of the most commonly referenced foods in Japanese cooking, these little beans are packed full of flavour and protein. They add a nice variety of textures to your noodles, so shell them before adding them to your dish.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine and can be used in place of corn or potatoes. It’s easy to incorporate into your instant noodle making machine for a sweet and satisfying texture, just bake and stir through, or leave the skin on if you like and have it in chunks for extra fibre!

6. Mushrooms

While it’s always a good idea to branch out with your food, you can make great strides by simply using mushrooms. They are low in calories and high in fibre, protein and important nutrients such as B vitamins. So whether you prefer fresh or dried – why not try adding them with some seaweed and sprouts or arugula?

7. Chilli and lime

Chilli and lime may not be an ingredient, but they’re a match made in heaven when it comes to adding flavour to instant noodles! Chilli (much like sriracha) is known to speed up the metabolism and decrease congestion, and lime is packed with vitamin C to ward off coughs and colds.

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