October 6, 2022

The era of the 1980s is dear to many people who are now in their forties. This period was very different from the world that you see today. However, though there was no Internet or cable television, or mobile phones, the period was not as bad as it seemed. 

  • Joseph Cianciotto growing up as an adolescent

Joseph Cianciotto lives in New York, and he is fond of the city. However, he was born in Brooklyn and spent his childhood at Strong Island. He is Italian and has worked in the advertising industry for the past two decades. He started his journey as a presentation designer and rose to the designation of Executive Creator Director. 

In the last 20 years, he has gathered a lot of valuable experience, served top agencies like Publicis and DDB Translation, and recently started his consultancy called L360. 

He has a blog where he passionately writes about his life and the joys of being an 80 adolescent. Thanks to him, readers can get a glimpse into life during that period and how teens used to spend their time. 

  • Enjoying life without the Internet 

According to him, there were no social media platforms and the Internet during those days. In-person relationships dominated the scene, and selfies were unheard of. If someone stared at himself or herself in the mirror for a long time, they were teased at school. In his opinion, the best gift of that time was that they lived in the present moment. Unlike today, Facebook and Twitter did not dominate their lives, so it was enjoyable. 

  • The joys of Tower Records 

In those days, there was no Spotify, and the go-to place for music was Tower Records. This meant that you could go there are invest in album covers of your favorite bands. There were music tapes with Side A and Side B that you could bring home and listen to. In his opinion, the best thing about Tower Records was the day when music was released, and people used to stand in line near the store till midnight so that they could get the chance to listen to the whole album on the rack stereo. 

  • John Hughes Movies 

The movies of John Hughes were known for their unique soundtracks and were quite different from the films of the present era targeted toward the youth. They went to theatres to watch them, and they were memorable films that stayed on for years. Some notable movies that Joseph Cianciotto remembers are “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink” and others. 

Last but not least, another significant thing that he did during the 1980s as an adolescent was roller-skating. The pastime was fun, and there was always that one experienced skater who helped those that fell while skating for the first time. According to him, this period was entertaining and quite different from the things the modern youth does today. He cherishes the period and keeps it in his heart even to this date!

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