September 27, 2022

Crypto called Solana(SOL) was created to function identically to Ethereum and to enhance it. Software engineer Anatoly Yakovenko came up with the title Solana, which is taken from a tiny seaside community in Southern California. The novel ledger was initially put up by Yakovenko, and Solana was introduced in March 2020. It has swiftly gained popularity and is currently among the top virtual assets in terms of market valuation. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that are competing in the market. However, not all are comparable to Solana. Investing in Solana(SOL) will be for good reasons. Here is how. 

Investing In Solana(SOL) For Good Reasons

Solana, a rapidly expanding blockchain that is sometimes alluded to as an “Ethereum assassin,” bears remarkable parallels to Ethereum. The SOL coin can be bought on most significant platforms, much like Ethereum. The network of Solana offers special benefits, and it is where the coin’s true value lies in transfers. The PoH consensus algorithm is used by the Solana network. The subsequent block in this network is determined by the PoH technique using timestamps. A PoW method is used by the majority of early cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, to determine the transactions in their networks. The consensus method is utilized by miners. 

Unfortunately, the PoW consensus consumes a lot of resources and operates slowly, which takes a lot of energy. It was a great motivation for Ethereum’s impending Merge, which will see the system switch to a PoS architecture. PoS, as opposed to the previous PoW system, employs staking to choose the subsequent block. Until nodes agree on this subsequent block of the network, staked coins are kept in the network as security. Solana employs a blend of time-tested encryption algorithms and innovative ideas to overcome the flaws of crypto’s initial solutions. These are the claims made by experts. 

The Goal Of Solana

Solana’s primary goal is to address Ethereum’s sustainability difficulties, which it accomplished because of its distinctive blend of PoH and delegated PoS algorithms. A variant of a conventional PoS method is called delegated PoS. If you require a reminder, the PoS method is a series of transactions that uses a validation network to add fresh blocks to the network. Solana’s delegated PoS method benefits consumers in a number of ways. Anything that is offering an additional degree of protection to the network is the PoH algorithm. So, it is the most suitable algorithm and is better than both PoW and PoS. 

Anissimov claims that Solana is significantly quicker in terms of speed than its nearest rivals, Cardano and Polkadot, at a less expensive price by utilizing a special mix of PoH And delegated PoS.  SOL tokens are exchanged on a variety of exchanges, much like the majority of the main cryptos in the world. Controlled platforms like Binance.US and others, to mention a few, fall under this category. SOL coins are even accessible in Bitcoin ATMs in various global locations. Buyers will wish to keep their SOL coins after buying them in a cryptocurrency wallet. The best mobile Solana wallet is the Phantom wallet. 

Benefits And Selling Point

Contrary to what the name suggests, they are not kept in wallets. Instead, they serve as the keepers’ main storage locations for bitcoins. The most crucial factor has always been understanding what you are purchasing. This is true with all cryptocurrencies and even traditional assets. Solana was touted as the decentralized money of the future during the time it was originally shown. It was dubbed “the next Ethereum” by its supporters. Buyers of Solana benefit from considerably cheaper transaction fees than they may on other ecosystems thanks to the developing DeFi ecosystem. Even while the initiative fulfilled many of its objectives, other things have raised questions.

The primary big attraction of Solana cryptocurrency is that it makes an effort to fix two of Ethereum’s biggest flaws: price and quickness. All operations on the Ethereum platform, with the exception of storing ETH, are now exceedingly expensive because of the prohibitive cost of the network’s transfers. During peak times, just a straightforward fund transaction might cost the value of $50. As transaction intricacy rises, the expense also rises significantly. Solana has competitors like Cardano, Ethereum and Polkadot. Still, this crypto has maintained its position. Solana staking is going to rise in the next coming years.  

Final Thoughts

In this post, you have seen some good reasons while making your decision of investing in Solana(SOL). What is the best wallet for Solana? Without a doubt, Phantom. Solana was developed to rival Ethereum. Solana aims to offer a comparable decentralized financial environment to Ethereum in a better way. The native currency of Solana, SOL, can be purchased on a number of controlled exchanges. Although the initiative has drawn criticism, it is still highly well-liked. Last year, the value of Solana rose hundreds of percent, and it is still rising. This cryptocurrency is destined to grow further

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