October 1, 2022

If you are considering getting into the beauty and cosmetics business, you might find it hard to gain public traction, especially at the early stages. This is because you will naturally have to go against big and established companies which people are already familiar with. But, worry not. You can still increase your brand’s visibility through various tools, including social media platforms. Building a beauty brand through social media entails maximizing these platforms’ features to market and advertise your products effectively. In this article, we will talk about the steps and methods you can take to improve the visibility of your beauty and cosmetics business through social media.

MSPUIYI COSMETICS, which is now making waves for her cosmetic brand, has caught the eyes of many in the industry. Siew Pui Yi, who started her business in 2016, is a rising star in the Malaysian beauty industry. She has won accolades for her innovative and beautiful products.

Siew Pui Yi started her business as a makeup artist and has since developed into a successful cosmetics brand. Her products are designed to look good and feel good on the skin. Her products are made with ingredients that are natural and non-toxic.

Siew Pui Yi’s products have been praised by some of the world’s top beauty brands. Her success can be attributed to her innovative design, quality ingredients, and customer service.

Set up a business profile

A business profile is critical in the management of your business. If you use your personal account to advertise your products, you might confuse personal matters with business. As such, it may not be the most efficient solution. A business profile provides you with additional business-oriented tools which help with advertising, customer response, and page customization. Also, set up your business profile with your products in mind. Use the relevant profile and cover photos to showcase your beauty and cosmetics products. Finally, edit your business profile to show your business’s relevant industry of operations.

Explore different channels

There are various social media channels ranging from formal to casual platforms. Take advantage of this by creating a profile page for different channels. From here, you can tailor your advertising materials to be formal or casual, depending on where you post. Also, remember that some advertising materials are better suited for certain platforms. For example, photos of your products like makeup kits, lipsticks, and hair care tend to perform better on channels focusing on photos and videos. On the other hand, reviews and technical specifications of your products may be more suited for text-based platforms.

Use premium features

Premium features massively help with brand visibility as it boosts your posts. This means more people can see your page and products on their personal user feed. More importantly, premium features also allow you to target a certain demographic, such as age, location, and interest. For example, considering the nature of your business, which is more akin to young female viewers, you can strategically select the people you want to show your products to. This ultimately increases your chances of customer interaction.

Post different materials

Certain types of advertising materials are more suitable for specific channels. For example, do not limit yourself to posting pictures or videos only. Experiment with other materials such as infographics, stories, and GIFs. Variety is key when it comes to business dynamics, and it helps avoid monotony.

Invest in promotions, contests, and giveaways

People are obsessed with winning free things. Although a giveaway or contest can be costly on your part, it can revert massive benefits to your business. These strategies drive people to research your brand as they naturally want to know what they are getting themselves into. Even if they still have no idea how your products perform, there is nothing to lose if they join your contest for a free makeup kit or a tester for example. Also, giveaways and contests are a great way of giving back to your customers who have supported you throughout. This also improves brand image and trust as people see that they are being given value and importance.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are not just sources of feedback for improving your products and services but can also be used as advertising material in and itself. People often refer to customer reviews to understand the actual customer experience. For example, it informs them of how long a perfume lasts, how effective a hair color is and how soft brushes are. Thus, it is also a smart strategy to post customer reviews on your pages to prove your brand’s legitimacy and quality.


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