October 1, 2022
lahore jalsa

LAHORE: PTI leaders rallied on Wednesday in various parts of the city to protest the party’s “historic public rally” in Minar-i-Pakistan on Thursday (today) Deputy Commissioner warns opposition leaders to move forward in his program because of “serious threats” and instructed his chairman Imran Khan to make almost all of his speeches.

The symbolic solution of ‘freedom’ will be read during the rally to raise the awareness of the country to escape slavery.

PTI’s main motto for the “historic gathering” is that the country will not allow any foreign power to establish its own policy on Pakistan, according to the former Punjab Health Minister and senior leader of Pakistan. -PTI Dr Yasmin Rashid speaking to Dawn.

He said a big stage has been set up in Minar-i-Pakistan and former Prime Minister Imran Khan will discuss at a historic meeting of a million magic.
He said it was worth seeing the fun of the youth, women and children even at the rallies that took place in the city on Tuesday and Wednesday before the “historic rally”.

Dr Rashid said the people were in Imran Khan and his description of making Pakistan a sovereign state that could not be controlled by any foreign power.

PTI Punjab Mussarat Press Secretary Jamshed Cheema said the scene was ready and shattered the relationship between women and family.

PTI leaders and people gathered at the public meeting area on Wednesday night for a “full rehearsal” for the main event.

Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner of Lahore wrote a letter to the leaders of PTI Punjab and Lahore stating that serious threats had been received from the security agencies and asking Imran Khan to address the rally.

Khan himself responded on Twitter that he would attend the ‘Lahore jalsa’ and face the country. He also said a record that most will attend the rally.

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