September 27, 2022

When students go for a face-to-face course, they can request assistance when facing any obstacle. Institutions make proper arrangements through institutional channels to solve the problem. However, with the introduction of online Writing courses, the concept of accessibility has come to notice.

Instead of the traditional reactive approach, a customized approach is used to remove any barrier that comes in the way of the accessibility of online courses. The identifying and solving process starts before the online course is opened for registration because companies want to launch courses that work like a well-oiled machine.

Some people argue that developing accessibility can get quite expensive, but the latest lawsuits are making more and more companies take accessibility seriously and make it their priority. One needs to be familiar with traditional print methods. However, fixing these problems will not only help in improving web accessibility but also will attract students for online classes.

The key problems

Institutions face many problems when it comes to the accessibility of online courses. Broadly there are two problems technical and pedagogical. Here are some of the problems that are included in the technical and pedagogical categories.

Technical problems

There is an array of technical challenges that one has to face while making online courses accessible. Below are some of the significant ones.

  • Instructional designers lack the technical skills, aptitude, and time required to develop accessibility in online courses.
  • Only a handful of instructional designers can design software from scratch.
  • These designers use a combination of LM’s or limited management systems and third-party packages, which is different from what is used to build accessibility support.
  • The basic nature of providing instruction in online courses presents new challenges and problems when it comes to accessibility.
  • For example, in a traditional learning setting, visually impaired students can listen and can sense different speakers, and ask for assistance.
  • However, it is impossible to do when they are looking to study through online courses because everything is text-based, which also poses a problem for screen reading software.
  • Students can get help from college essay writing services if they pursue a course in a traditional learning setting whereas it is impossible in the case of online courses.

Pedagogical problems

There is a list of problems that students face when they pursue an online course.

  • Screen readers can recognize and translate texts with almost 100% accuracy, but it is impossible to understand complex textual representations and follow the audio stream.
  • Even the same problem is faced when the instructor uses an audio stream to convey the information and faces significant barriers.
  • Sometimes students do not clearly understand where to enter information, even when they use a table of content as a guide.
  • There is also a problem when students notice that there is a repetition of headings and the contents do not match.
  • Sometimes, some sections are out of order as the content and heading do not match.
  • Students even fail to understand by going back and forth from the illustrations and texts because there is a lack of clarity and no one to guide them.
  • Screen reading software fails to properly interpret a map, chart, or complicated table.
  • Using these sources is not much helpful for transferring the information to students.
  • Having in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is required to convey and how to convey it audibly is much needed here.

The solution

Developing an online course and publishing an e-textbook is more challenging than teaching a face-to-face course. But seeking academic assistance from an assignment help service is much easier than seeking help from a friend.

Instructional designers can use the following proven methods to boost accessibility.

Technical Solution

  • One of the many solutions to technical challenges that instructional designers face is to offer instructions, different digital texts, and handouts in the form of HTML and tagged PDFs.
  • Both are available for screen readers, and everyone is learning virtually.
  • When using HTML, include numbered lists wherever possible, and instead of bolding, use heading tags.
  • Moreover, use descriptions to explain the images by adding an HTML ALT tag.
  • Tagged PDFs can help in making the content accessible for students as they can print them and access them 24×7.
  • Moreover, students can make notes from the material and have a better opportunity to study the content.
  • Designers can use HTML- like tags in the PDF files to help screen readers translate the content meaningfully.
  • Instead of using the multi-level folder within a folder approach, one can showcase the material of the course in a single, scrollable file.

Pedagogical solution

  • Students can avoid superfluous content and text while learning from an online course.
  • For screen readers, designers have to ensure that all the materials, like images, activities, paragraphs, and video clips, are directly related to the objectives of the course.
  • Designers need to develop the course in a direct and personal tone, match it with the instructions, discussion posts, and feedback, and ensure it is closer to a face-to-face speech than a formal one.
  • One should be careful that the course content should not include anything extraneous. However, if there is a repetition, it should be present to drive the learners into learning more and link back to the present material.

Wrapping it up,

Due to the pandemic, students had to shift from traditional education to online. The rise of online courses happened when students no longer had the situation to attend face-to-face classes. This also helped students to get help from college essay writing services to get essay solutions easily.

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