October 1, 2022
Heart Care

A healthy heart is a key to a healthy life. At any point in time in life, it is very important to take care of your heart. This can not only lower the chances of a heart attack but can also reduce the chances of heart stroke. 

It is not written anywhere to start taking care of your heart at a specific age. It is important to take good care of your heart at any age. But if you begin younger and start to make healthy choices then the benefits can help you for a longer period of time. 

The best heart specialist in Karachi says that If you are someone who has already suffered a heart attack or an angina attack then taking good care of your heart will not only make a huge difference but will prevent you from getting further heart attacks. 

Looking for healthier food options and exercising every day can help a lot in keeping a heart-healthy. There also are other additional things that can be done for the improvement of heart health. Things that can increase your risk of heart problems and diseases include: 

  • High Cholestrol levels
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Family history of heart attacks
  • Zero to no exercise

Healthy Food Choices

A balanced diet is a key to a healthy heart. Your diet should be full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. It is very important to have foods that you crave from time to time but it should never be done in a way that you start eating unhealthy more than you consume healthy food options. 

When you start to indulge in healthy eating make sure that you add all kinds of colors like yellow, red, dark green, and orange. This colorful variety of food ensures that you are taking all the needed nutrients and minerals. 

It is very important to stay away from all the processed foods that you eat. Boxed or packaged food especially that is ready to eat must be avoided at all costs. All sorts of drive-thru food, chips, crisps, and crackers must be avoided at all costs. 

It should be made sure that you substitute your sodas with water and natural drinks like coconut water. Inplace of fizzy drinks, water can help a lot in keeping all the organs of the body working properly.  

Stay Active

In order to keep the heart healthy, it is not necessary to run after expensive gym memberships or to buy special equipment. Exercise just requires you to push yourself and start moving. Try and start with easy workouts like walking. 

Try and do push-ups and sit-ups and try to exercise for almost 30 minutes every day. You can also go for aerobics which is a dance-like exercise. It is however not recommended to do aerobics every day, it must be practiced once a week. 

Exercising also helps in keeping cholesterol levels low, which impacts the arteries a lot. This can be tested by using the lipid profile test. The Cholesterol test price in Pakistan is around Rs.1500 to Rs. 2000.

It is well-known that the heart is a muscle and it can be strengthened by doing exercise. A stronger heart can help a lot in pumping the blood properly and delivering the needed nutrients to the body. Exercise can lower the risk of plaque forming in the arteries. 

Avoid Smoking

It is already known to everyone that smoking is bad for health. It causes damage to the lungs but let’s just not forget that it also affects the heart pretty bad. Smoking cigarettes can cause damage to the heart in such a way that the risk of coronary heart disease is increased and then it leads to heart attacks and heart diseases. 

If you are a smoker then it is a good idea to stop smoking and stay away from this habit. There are other alternatives present in the market that can help you in staying away from smoking. But let me tell you that these alternatives are way worse for your health than these cigarettes are. So stay away from all the vape devices and other e-cigarettes that you smoke in place of cigarettes. 

Stop Taking Stress

In order to stay away from heart diseases and heart attacks, it is important to manage stress. Stress often causes hypertension which can lead to heart diseases. 

Stress that is chronic can lead your body to release more stress hormones which is the number one unhealthy sign. It is very different for each individual to process stress. If you let it impact you, it can cause serious heart damage. In order to check the 

Meditation can help a lot in managing stress and lower the chances of heart disease. 


Heart health is often taken for granted but it is very important to make lifestyle changes and changes in diet that can help in keeping the heart-healthy. Make sure to visit a doctor if the heart health is deteriorating for a longer period of time. 

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