October 1, 2022
How to Set Up a Berkey Water Filter

If you’re curious about how to set up a Berkey water filter, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to prime your Black Berkey(r) Purification Elements, fill the lower chamber with water, add optional fluoride filters, and remove sodium from the filtered water. To keep the filter functioning properly, follow these steps:

Prime the Black Berkey(r) Purification Elements

Before you begin using your Black Berkey(r) Purification Elements, you will need to prime them. To do this, simply follow the instructions included with the filter, which include soaking the filter in a tan priming washer before reinstalling. Then, place a large sealing washer over the threaded mount. Now, thread the stem of the filter into the interior base of the upper chamber.

The Black Berkey’s unique water-purification elements are best primed with the Black Berkey Primer. This tool is hand-powered and saturates the filter’s pores with water. Water is then forced through the berkey’s small pores and out the other end. The resulting solution sucks out the trapped air. You can use this tool to prime the filter, which comes with a tan priming button and a smaller center hole.

Fill the lower chamber with water

To refill the Berkey water filter system, fill the lower chamber to the brim. This is necessary because stagnant water can harbor bacteria and other pollutants. If you don’t regularly clean your filter, the water in the lower chamber can accumulate over time. If you need to replace it before it reaches this level, you should do so every three to four days. For hot climates, you should empty it before two to three days, so that it remains fresh.

When filling the lower chamber of a Berkey water filter, you should make sure that the spigot is shut. It’s easy to forget this step, and fill your filter before you check it. When refilling, make sure that you have fully submerged the filter element, and empty the filter completely afterwards. Otherwise, your filters will become half-working, and they will be wearing out faster.

Add optional fluoride filters

If you are concerned about the fluoride content of water, you can add optional fluoride filters to your Berkey water filter. Berkey filters are designed to remove this mineral. They come with a two-year prorated warranty. If you have a family or are concerned about fluoride in your water supply, consider adding a Berkey water filter with optional fluoride filters.

To add fluoride filters, simply unscrew the plugs from the Berkey and insert them into the holes. Make sure the plugs are firmly inserted into the holes. You will also need a tiny washer to help prevent the plugs from turning. Once your Berkey is clean, you can add optional fluoride filters. You will need to clean the black Berkey filter regularly with dish soap and warm water.

To prime the Black Berkey filter, place the upper chamber upside down on the counter. The purification elements should be facing upward and the water flow-arrow should be pointing away from the upper chamber. Screw on the Fluoride Filters and make sure they’re tightly screwed into place. Don’t over-tighten the Fluoride Filters, as this will damage the internal media screen. Now you’re ready to use your Berkey.

Remove excess sodium from filtered water

Many premium water filters can remove excess sodium from your drinking supplies. Sodium is an essential element in the human body and is naturally found in water, food, and other bodily fluids. Although small amounts are harmless, sodium in excessive amounts can upset your body’s normal functioning. In addition, high sodium levels can cause health issues for people with certain conditions. To avoid this problem, install a water filter that can remove excess sodium from filtered water.

The Berkey water filter is capable of removing both harmful and beneficial contaminants from water. Its patented filter elements are composed of more than six types of media. These elements are built into a compact matrix that has millions of microscopic pores. This compact matrix traps pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and herbicides. The patented black Berkey(tm) purification elements remove fluoride, radon, and nitrates from your water, as well as chloramine.

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