October 6, 2022
stroke recovery exercises

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According to WHO, around 15 million individuals survive stroke globally every year. Stroke survivors may need to face loss of motor skills. In addition, they may lose the ability to regularize physical functions. Appropriate medications, stroke recovery exercises, and rest will help you cope with this. In this post, you will read about recovery method-stroke exercises that bring patients well-being.

Before going to the details of recovery methods, lets us first understand the stroke and its causes.

What Causes a Stroke?

The scientific reason that causes the stroke is the blocking of the artery. But, also, it may be caused due of leakage or bursting of blood vessels. Also, the classification of strokes can be into an ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. 

In an ischemic stroke, the brain’s blood vessels are narrowed. The reason that causes this condition is the deposition of fats. Moreover, these deposits can construct clots or debris. After passing through the heart, they can cause trouble in the vessels of the brain.

In a hemorrhagic stroke, the blood vessel in the brain is leaked. Also, it may be caused due to fractures. Causes of hemorrhages are unchecked high levels of blood pressure, trauma, excessive blood thinning treatments, etc.

First, you need to understand stroke symptoms to recover from it. Then, you can practice daily activities, work on motor skills, go for speech therapy, etc. Apart from proper medications, what can help you is exercise! Therefore, we will tell you about a few stroke exercises that will help you recover from a stroke. In addition, it will be followed by the benefits of taking care of your health with such activities.

What are the stroke exercises that boost your recovery?

Trunk Bends

Trunk beds exercise improves the stability of the body. In addition, it helps to maintain balance. In a lateral trunk bed, you should sit on the chair. You can keep your palms on the lap. While sitting, make sure to sit firm and tall. Then, twist your upper body towards the right and make a bend on the right side of the trunk. Extend the opposing side. Repeat this with an alternate side. 

Hip Activities

You can perform hip abduction and hip flexion as hip exercises. Hip flexion works on strengthening of hips and core. In this exercise, you need to sit on the edge of the chair and shrink your abs. Also, focus on maintaining your upper body firm. Lift your knee as up as possible, hold on for a moment and then release. Repeat on another side.

Hip abduction can help in improving pelvic strength. In this activity, you need to sit at the edge of the chair or bed. First, neaten one knee while your upper body is firm and abs are tightened. Then, kick your foot out to one side. Concentrate on keeping your toe forward. Release the pose. Also, repeat this on the next side.

Sit and Stand

This exercise improves core strength and leg strength. Sit on the chair edge and keep some distance between your legs. Keep your knees bent. Tilt ahead and gradually stand up. Then, gradually sit down. You may repeat this a few times.

Knee Extension

For this workout, begin with sitting. Afterward, expand one leg. Make sure that it is parallel to the ground. Also, don’t lock your knee. Then, gradually let the foot settle on the ground. Repeat it with another leg.

Wrist Exercise

There are various wrist exercises you can perform. For example, you can work on wrist stretches, wrist curls, etc. For wrist curls, you can make use of lightweight dumbells. First, hold the weight in your hand and rest the arm on the tabletop. Then, use another hand to raise the wrist up-down or left-right gradually.

In addition to the exercises mentioned above, there are many more exercises. For example, leg exercises will help you maintain the balance of your body. Before going for any activities, warm up and consult an expert physician. This will help you to avoid any pains or stress further.

Benefits of Stroke Exercises 

You can perform numerous exercises under the observation of an expert. These exercises or other small activities can boost your recovery. In addition to medicines, they will even enhance your confidence.

The following are some of the benefits of virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation exercises.

Regain Movements

When someone survives a stroke, many physical movements are hampered. But, the brain can rewire and repair cells. Thus, the patient can get back to those activities with consistent efforts. Stroke exercises will help you achieve this faster and better.

It Improves Balance.

Stroke may leave patients with a loss of balance. You may lose balance in small daily activities which otherwise could happen quickly. For example, you may find it difficult to stand and step. Stroke exercises can help you gain that balance and regularize your activities. For example, when you learn to sit and stand gradually in training, it automatically lets you get the balance in similar activities that involve these movements. 

Enhances Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance lost during the stroke can be recovered and improved. In addition, constant efforts in physical activities will slowly build up strength. As a result, you can gain pace in all the activities. For example, walking speed can get normal or fast.

Recurrence is Avoided.

Routine exercises followed by meditation may save you from the next stroke. Additionally, it will avoid recurrences.

Mental Health Benefits

Physical exercises affect not only physical levels but also mental levels. It reduces depression. Additionally, it improves brain health. One of the essential things stroke exercises gives is a feeling of self-worth. Furthermore, it boosts your confidence and enables you to have a goal.


A stroke can transform a person’s habits, behavior, and even thought process. To normalize the tasks and find harmony in all the activities, you need to work rigorously on your mental and physical well-being. Virtual Reality Rehabilitation can help you get it faster and sustainably.

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