September 27, 2022

Summer is the ideal time for your succulent. When all other plants look thirsty and shrink due to heatwaves, it is succulents that thrive in hot weather. As the temperature is rising, your succulents will be very happy and healthy. However, on the other hand, don’t keep the succulent in harsh sunlight as it may damage it.

You just need to know the secrets that will help you to make it a successful plant parent of succulents. If you are searching for some tried and tested way to keep them happy, then keep on reading.

Watering Secret: Most people are not aware of the right way of watering succulents. Overwatering is something that you have to avoid for this plant. They are drought-tolerant plants but they need water. The amount of watering should be very measured.

The main reason is that the thick leaves of the succulents already store lots of water for that reason, they don’t need regular watering even during summer. However, the frequency of watering should be changed according to the location of the plant. For example, if you keep the succulent outdoor; you need to water it once every 10 days while the outdoor plant must get water once a week.

If you buy the plant in the nursery black pot, you need to change it immediately. The reason is that the black color will increase the heat of the pot. For that reason, the roots will get dried up and damage the plant.

Most importantly, you need to understand the watering need of your plant-based on your location, atmosphere, and temperature. If the temperature is soaring high; then you need to check the soil and increase the rate of the watering accordingly. Stick a finger down in the soil and if the soil feels dry; then only water the succulents.

While watering, make sure, the leaves should not get wet. It is always better to bottom water the succulents. Many times, the damp leaves start to rot.

Secret To Cope-Up Sunlight and Heat: In summer, the amount of sunlight is more any almost every place. Too much light and heat can burn the delicate leaves of the succulents. On the other hand, it is already proven that the succulents that stay outdoor thrive better than those that are kept indoors. The sunlight and airflow are always better outdoor and it helps the plants to grow well.

Ideally, you should keep the succulents in the low light area, and gradually, when the plants are getting settled; you need to move them to a brighter place. If the plant is well grown and large in size; it can tolerate the sunlight for long whereas it is better to keep small and newly planted succulents in the shade.

If your succulents are kept indoors, then bring them outdoor to soak them in the morning sun. however, you need to watch for the signs of sunburn during summer, and if you find any immediately remove the plant to the low-light area.

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