October 6, 2022
How to Dress Well in a Hot Weather

Summer is in full swing, and all we want to do is be under the shower all day long to stay cool. Sadly, that’s not a practical solution to opt for, with our busy routines. And then, you can’t afford to waste water when the entire world is going short of this precious resource. A quarter of an hour should be more than enough to spend in the shower.

So, how can you feel cool in summer when you’re not in the shower? A simple answer is ‘by wearing light-colored and light-weight clothes.’ However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. You just don’t want to feel cool; you want to look good too. So, what to wear that will make you look good and feel cool and comfortable at the same time could be a baffling task, especially when there’s a special occasion.

This guide to dressing well in summer is to make the task easier by giving you ideas about what you can wear on a certain occasion.

Where Can You Wear What: Cool and Chic Dressing Tips for Different Occasions in Summer

Dressing well doesn’t mean wearing the best clothes from your wardrobe. Instead, it means how well you understand the theme of an occasion and dress in accordance with that. For instance, you cannot wear that beautifully tailored long shoulder-strap georgette gown to work. Below is a list of seven various occasions and some dressing ideas for you to steal the show.

At a Beach or Poolside Party

Beach and poolside parties are common in summer and are mostly during the day. While women’s swimwear and such parties go hand in hand, they should wear it only when they are in the water and should put on a robe or change it as soon as they come out.

For walking around and clicking photos, jumpsuits, long shoulder-strap dresses, midi-dresses, oversized cotton shirts paired with jeans shorts, and almost anything works as long as it’s light-colored and made of light fabric such as cotton, linen, crepe, light denim, and seersucker. Floral patterns also look good on such occasions. For footwear, go for strap sandals or flats; never wear heels, boots, or even flip-flops. Chapeaus, woven wristbands, straw or canvas totes, and long nonmetallic earrings (especially those with tassels or feathers) make great accessories.

On a Typical Weekday to Work

What to wear to work tomorrow is every working woman’s daily concern. While you have so many options, such as skirts, jumpsuits, maxis, jeans, and T-shirts, wide-leg cropped pants with a loose-fit linen or cotton shirt are a trending combo. From Kate Middleton to Lucy Hale, everyone seems to be fascinated with this fad. What makes this fashion a favorite of everyone is the variety of footwear choices it offers along with its comfortable fit and stylish look. Heels, mules, espadrilles, pumps, flats, and everything other than sneakers and boots go well with them.

At a Wedding Ceremony         

You can’t get anything better to wear to a wedding ceremony than a gown. Anything else is inappropriate and tacky. A-line, sheathe, ball, mermaid, and trumpet are ideal types of gowns for bridesmaids. You can wear any type that flatters your body. Just make sure it is a floor-length gown and the color is light. Wear light makeup, a hairstyle that does not irritate you, and a nice pair of stilettoes, and you are glamorous enough for the event.

At a Birthday Bash

Birthdays should be full of fun and colors. Even if it’s summer, go ahead and wear all those bright and bold colors you like to share the happiness of the birthday boy/girl. Hot pink and other neon colors are all wearables at a birthday party. Colors help express your feelings, and bright colors are usually a sign of joy and enthusiasm. If you are, however, a decent fella, you can use a bright color as an accent.

On a Day-Out with Your Friends or Family

Comfort should be your top priority when hanging out with your friends and fam. And when it comes to comfort, denim is your ultimate friend. Wear a denim jumpsuit or denim pants or shorts with a nice light-fabric shirt and some casual shoes, and you are all set to stroll around town.

At an Official Lunch/High Tea/Dinner

When they say ‘official’, they mean ‘formal’. Although you need not don a gown, a plain or small-pattern dress with a nice waist belt, high heels, a decent pair of metallic earrings or necklace with a small pendant (don’t wear both together), and a clutch or handle bag would make a perfect outfit. Choose the color as per the time of the day. If it’s an official lunch, go for pastel hues. In case of a dinner or high tea, choose bright colors. However, you can still stick to light shades if you prefer them.

At a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are all about glitz and glam. They are times when you raise a toast, dance, and gossip. Wear something flashy to contribute to the festive atmosphere of the occasion. Black, silver, crimson, and all those colors you can’t wear elsewhere can be worn at a cocktail party. Pick a short dress with heels and some nice jewelry, and go hit the dance floor.


To look ‘hot’ without feeling ‘hot’ in summer is a test of your dressing sense, which is developed only with time and by learning from errors. Can you recall yourself commenting on and criticizing someone’s outfit in a group photo or elsewhere? If you don’t want to be that person, you should be mindful of the time and place when assembling your attire.

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