September 27, 2022

It is simply impossible to boost the concentration or focus of your kid by asking him/her to do so. Regular exercise is vital to strengthen and enhance one’s concentration power. 

In this blog, we will navigate you through a few tricks and tips on how to boost the focusing power of your kid studying at Abu Dhabi international school

However, before we proceed further, it is worth noting that every kid is different. If your kid struggles with staying focused for a longer period of time, then you will require adding extra efforts along with the below-mentioned strategies. Also, only regular practice of these exercises will help in boosting your child’s ability to focus and sustain attention. 

Tips to boost the focusing power of your kid in a Kindergarten and Abu Dhabi international school 

1- Set a reasonable amount of time to practise focusing 

A kid between the age of 4 and 6 tends to concentrate only for some minutes – anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. And this concentration highly depends upon the task at hand.

If the task is boring, get ready to see a distracted kid within a few minutes. But, when the task is alluring, you can expect your kid to stay glued to it for more than the expected time. Watching videos on YouTube, for instance, is a perfect example of an alluring task. 

So, ensure that you help him/her practise focus based on the task itself. For a novel and challenging task, assign less time and more time for something that makes things fun for him/her. 

2- Consider focusing on one thing at a time

For adults, multitasking is an appreciated skill. But, that isn’t the case with a toddler or a kid. 

Multitasking can reduce your kid’s ability to concentrate and even diminish their performance. 

To help your kid with mindfulness, ask him/her to do one thing at a time. For instance, complete one problem with your kid at a time instead of looking for other problems that are waiting ahead. Similarly, a paragraph of a poem in a day is enough, especially if your kid is around kindergarten school age.  

3- Create different spaces for your kid studying at kindergarten school

Similar to how multitasking can hamper concentration, unnecessary distractions can do the same thing, too. Therefore, it is best to create different spaces for different activities. 

For instance, when your kid is doing homework, ensure you create a study space free of any distractions. Maybe a corner in his/her room that is away from the door or window. But that doesn’t mean the study corner should be boring. You can add a few necessary things like a night lamp, pen holders, or maybe decorate the desk with his/her favourite cartoon. 

Add laptop or other necessary devices only if they are absolutely necessary. 

4- Comprise planned breaks in the schedule 

Getting up and moving around is essential to retain the information your kid grasps during his/her study session. Therefore, it is essential to compromise planned breaks in the schedule as per your kid’s needs. 

A little rest or refreshment in-between is important for recharging oneself. Your younger one can take a snack or play break while a teen can use his/her mobile device for a while. 

5- Help your Abu Dhabi international school kid practice belly breath

One of the easy ways of calming the nerves and unnecessary anxiety is by practising steady diaphragmatic breathing. This way, your kid can slow his/her heart rate and even clear the mind for better concentration. 

Belly breathing can be crucial for kindergarten school kids who have social anxiety or separation anxiety. Belly breathing can also make tasks approachable and calm the body to focus better. 

6- Create smaller and manageable task

As mentioned before, kids don’t necessarily like concentrating on challenging tasks. 

As a parent, you can help them approach the challenging task in a smaller and more manageable way. For instance, if your kid is newly learning how to tie shoes, start slow. Perhaps you might want him/her to focus on the initial knot in the beginning. Then later, move to make the two loops, crossing them and so forth. 

You can even use a timer to assist your kid in organising him/herself. For instance, give him/her a picture book and ask him/her to write down the name of as many things as he/she can in a span of 15 – 20 minutes. 

7- Integrate the reward system

Kids, especially those in kindergarten school, tend to respond quite well to rewards. 

You can set up a reward system to assist him/her develop powerful focusing skills. For instance, create a chart of stickers. If he/she completes something successfully without getting distracted, you can bestow him/her a sticker, and on receiving ten stickers, he/she can be provided with a bigger prize box. 

Over to you

Now that you know how to enhance the concentration power of your Abu Dhabi International school kid, it is time to put these practices into effect immediately. The sooner you start, the better results you will notice. 

Also, as mentioned before, practise all of these strategies on a regular basis because concentration is just like any other muscle in our body – regular exercise is inevitable for expected strength!

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