September 27, 2022
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If your web design business solely focuses on turning out websites after websites it is imperative to think about adding some ongoing revenue streams to your company. The truth is that the outdated, outdated fee-for-service model leaves feeling as if you’ll remain on the wheel. This is exactly the issue Drew Moore, founder of the web design firm Suited was faced with when he first launched his own web design business. In a bid to not have to look for the next customer, Drew thought of looking at his current client base. He realized that his business could offer customers other marketing solutions, which go far beyond the development of websites. We had a chat with Drew and he explained the exact steps he took to increase his agency’s recurring monthly revenues by $400 to $1250 per month for each client.

Are you in search of new streams of income for your website design company?

Through our partnership program, you are able to offer our services for growth on Instagram to your customers under YOUR brand name, as in your retainer for the month Finding a need for HTML0 in the Web Design Market In essence, Suited is a web design company that is focused on providing clients with a solid branding and a site which enhances their online authority.

With a basic knowledge of fundamentals of the sales funnel websites become more appealing to users.

Drew explained it this way, “We picture your website as the core of your digital identity and everything else is centered on it. Websites aren’t the only source of business today however, they remain crucial in establishing the legitimacy of your company.” Suited Before and After Rather instead of focusing on fashion-forward companies or popular eCommerce sites which are usually overcrowded, Drew and his team are pursuing a less well-known audience. “We focus on the forgotten of the business space who are overlooked due to a ‘lack’ of obvious creative opportunity. “Suited specializes in blue-collar service such as DSC Construction Inc. and also professional services such as Texas Vision Clinic.In pursuing this unusual niche, Drew found that these customers not only required the greatest help in branding however, they also had a distinct set of requirements that were not being met by the other marketing solutions available.

How to create an Fractional Digital Agency

“Hiring internal talent, the heavy cost of true ‘agencies’, or the chaos of finding freelancers- these are today’s default options, but they no longer work for the majority of healthy, growing businesses. “In the alternative, Drew adopted a fractional digital agency model, which offers experts online marketing solutions without additional effort from the brand’s owners. Fractional agents are beneficial to both the marketer and client due to the fact that they: Let marketers provide specific services similar to those provided by freelancers. Maintain the long-lasting relationship that customers want from an in-house marketing team.

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Instead of a one-time flat project cost, Suite’s fractional model is a way to charge customers an upfront fee of $2,995 for the rebranding and rebuilding of the site. Then customers pay a monthly recurring cost of $250 per Suited team to ensure the website is kept up-to-date and ensure its functionality. After the growth of their business model that is basically making an additional $250/month for each client Drew determined to discover new revenue streams for his design firma1. Word Press Hosts via Flywheel

2. Video Hosting via Wister Pro

You’re likely already hosting videos that your clients can show on their websites. If you’re not, you must be. Websites that use video have an average conversion rate of 4.8 percent in comparison to 2.9 percent for sites who don’t employ video. This is precisely why Suited introduced a premium membership to Wister’s hosting service that allows their customers to save as many as 200 video clips. Through reselling the Wister Pro Plan, agencies can host 10 videos at a cost of $99/month and additional videos are hosted for just 99 cents each which gives Suited Team Suited Team the flexibility to design a unique upsell plan. In addition, Through the Partners Program waste’s dedicated support team can help you price and bundle your video services to help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

3. Survey Technology via Type form Pro

Similar to video You are probably creating forms for your client’s site visitors to fill out to fill out, regardless of whether it’s to generate leads support tickets, lead generation or feedback from customers. Suited develops surveys and forms using the Type form platform as a further source of revenue that they could include as an item on their retainer for their clients.

4. Social Media Scheduling via Hopper HQ

With the growing popularity for advertising on social networks, Suited partnered with Hopper to assist their customers make the most of their social media accounts. Through Hopper Clients can have access to their top scheduling tool to schedule content to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? The standard price for an average Hopper account costs $20 per month. For agencies with 10 or more clients, they can get an affordable price of just $10/month. If you decide to offer it to clients at $15/month, it’s nonetheless the equivalent of an additional $5 per customer every monthly and with no additional work for you.

5. Instagram Growth via FansLeap

Making social media posts scheduled is only one aspect of the problem. Suited found that their clients required to establish an online community of genuine followers on Instagram which would result in the same flow of visitors to their site. They joined forces to FansLeap by using our white-label partnership program that has proved to be one of their best extra revenue streams.

 “We’ve seen an increase of roughly 10% in 6 months since offering ‘IG Growth Mgmt.’ as part of the mid-level subscription. “Drew revealed that, in addition to an increase in revenue, but FansLeap also has more happy customers for their website design firm. “FansLeap is rapidly growing in popularity in the support and brand arena, as Support Managers continue to hear, ‘..Whatever your IG Growth Manager is doing is working, keep it up! ‘”

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