October 1, 2022
Number masking

Modern advancements in communication technology have altered how people used to communicate.   However, these technological innovations are not entirely safe for customers’ privacy. It is where phone number masking in India comes into the picture. 

It safeguards the privacy of the conversation’s participants. A temporary phone number is used to mask the original phone number using the voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP). At the end of the communication, the proxy number is removed, and the number returns to the original. 

The article will outline the use cases and benefits of number masking and how it benefits the business with security.

The Use Cases Of Phone Number Masking in India

Let’s look at the three primary use cases of phone number masking in India:


For customer service, doctors rely on telephone and video consultations. With number masking, patients and doctors can engage securely without worrying about being inundated with calls.


One of the most common applications for phone number masking in India is in the transportation industry since it enables the communication between drivers and passengers without disclosing any private information.


With an effective masking solution, the buyer and seller can confidently communicate in an e-commerce setting, assuring dependable customer service.

The Advantages of Number Masking Solution

Below is a list of benefits that will help you to understand the use of  masking solutions: 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Phone number masking in India protects sensitive information while allowing for open communication between the parties. The parties can place calls using various devices without disclosing their personal contact information. It gives the consumers peace of mind that no one will intrude on their personal space once the conversation is over. Doing so will win your consumers’ trust and improve their whole experience.

Secure Interactions

Masking services and an advanced cloud telephony solution can keep your company’s professionalism. The overall idea is quite helpful in letting your customers know they can interact with your company without worrying about the safety and security of their personal information. Knowing that your company respects their privacy is likewise beneficial to your clients.

Real-Time Data Insights

You can keep accurate records and track each conversation with number masking services. Personal phone numbers make it impossible for enterprises to monitor and record conversations. As a result, with the help of masked phone numbers, organisations can gain valuable customer insights. Additionally, they can identify problem areas faster and offer their clients superior services.

With Mtalkz, Protect the Privacy of Customers & Agents!

With number masking, your personal contact information will not get into the wrong hands. Ride-sharing apps, delivery apps, and even the healthcare industry use call masking.

Mtalkz is the leading communication service provider which provides hassle-free call masking services by using a temporary number for each party. Therefore, with number masking, brands can gain a positive image in the competitive market by working towards customer satisfaction.

Mtalkz provides the best phone number masking in India to protect the privacy of both the caller and the recipient while maintaining call security. In addition, the top provider of communication services, Mtalkz, works to improve user experience through great automation and integration.

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