October 1, 2022
Airtable Cost

There are four different Airtable cost plans: Free, Pro, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Each plan has unique features and pricing, so you should choose the one that best suits your business needs. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, read on to learn more about the various plans and how much they cost. Airtable offers a free trial as well, so you can evaluate the features and pricing for yourself before signing up for a plan.

Free plan

If you’re using Airtable as your data management platform, the Free Plan may be right for you. You can create unlimited bases with 2GB of storage per base and use all the Airtable views. Additionally, you can create one app for each base. The Plus Plan is a step up from the Free Plan, offering more features and a self-service knowledge base. It also includes email support and unlimited base storage and lets you store as many records as you want. The Plus Plan also includes up to 5000 records per base, 5GB of attachment space per base, and 6 months of revision history. Those features are necessary to use Airtable, but not so essential that you’ll have to pay.

Plus plan

The Airtable Plus plan costs $29.95 per month. This plan includes a range of in-house apps and Airtable integrations. It also includes a limit of 1,200 records per base, 2 GB of storage, and two-week revision history. The Airtable Pro plan and Airtable Enterprise plan add additional features and functionality for larger organizations. Each plan includes additional storage space, advanced sharing permissions, and security options. The prices are listed as per user, per base, and per organization, which makes them particularly attractive for larger organizations.

Airtable Pro offers several plans with different price tags. The Plus plan costs $12 per month per seat, while the Pro plan costs $24 per seat, or $20 monthly if paid yearly. The Pro plan is geared toward larger businesses and includes more storage and features, including a Gantt chart. The Pro plan also has a more advanced feature set, such as a personal view. Ultimately, the Pro plan is well worth the money, as it gives you more features and storage space.

For major enterprises, Airtable Pro is the best option. It provides users with unlimited base space and storage and can hold up to 50,000 records. Airtable Pro users can view revision history going back up to a year. Users can also install apps from the Airtable marketplace, which include customization options and management of editing permission hierarchies. The Airtable Pro plan allows users to customize their personal views and create custom forms. And, of course, it also allows unlimited users.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your project management needs, Airtable offers a Pro plan that unlocks advanced features. Professional users get custom code and ad removal and can sync up to ten thousand Airtable records. This plan is best for startup companies and organizations with custom brand identities and a need for high-quality data. You can also earn $10 credit for each referral you make to Airtable.

Four Plans

There are 4 plans available for Airtable, each offering different features and benefits. The free plan offers two Gb of attachment space/base and two weeks of revision history. The Airtable Plus plan costs $10 per user/month billed annually and offers 5000 records/base and 5GB of attachment space. The Airtable Pro plan costs $20 per user/month billed annually and includes 50,000 records and 20GB of Attachment Space. Enterprise plans are also available and include features such as a dedicated Success Manager and advanced control and security. There are also special plans for education and nonprofit organizations.

Free Plan

The free plan offers the most basic features. Airtable allows users to create unlimited Bases, but there are limitations to how many Records they can store per Base. The Free plan also limits users’ attachment space to two gigabytes, which may be a problem for visually-oriented teams. Moreover, the free plan only offers email and live web chat support, and does not include phone support. It may be difficult to decide which plan is best for your needs.

Paid Plan

The paid plans at Airtable best project management for small businesses are based on per-user and month pricing. A 501(c)(3) organization can receive a discount for their plan if they refer two or more businesses. However, this discount is limited to users with less than five users. If you’re looking to use the software for multiple projects, you’ll need a plan that allows unlimited access. The free plan can handle up to five users, while the paid plan supports as many as a hundred.

Pro Plan

Pro plans also provide access to advanced features, higher usage limits, and priority customer support. For $20 per user per month, Pro users receive priority support over Plus users and Free users. You can sign up for this plan in the US dollar version of Airtable. It is recommended that you sign up for the Pro plan if you’re planning on launching an application. You can choose between two different plans, and each one offers different advantages and benefits.

Enterprise plan

Enterprise plans are suitable for organizations that require more features and access to advanced security features. Enterprise plans also include advanced customer support, custom API limits, and early access to new features. For larger businesses, you should opt for the Enterprise plan to get all the features you need. Besides, the Enterprise plan provides a dedicated account manager, individualized training, and other VIP features. The Enterprise plan also offers more advanced security features and more team collaboration features. For example, enterprise users will be able to use Airtable for up to 250000 records per base.

The Airtable Enterprise plan cost varies depending on the number of records and users your organization needs to keep track of. A single base has a limit of 50,000 records, while the more expensive plans include up to 250000 records. The Enterprise plan comes with advanced sharing permissions, security features, and unlimited workspace per organization. The company also offers special education and nonprofit plans to meet their specific needs. For more information, visit airtable.com/pricing.

The free plan allows you to use the software for free, but you need to pay to take advantage of additional features. The paid version is much more advanced and comes with a more flexible pricing model based on the number of users. Airtable also allows you to request a custom quote and get a detailed breakdown of its cost. The cost for the paid version of Airtable varies greatly depending on the features you need, so it is best to contact the company directly to learn more about the details.

After you sign up for an enterprise plan, you can easily switch your email address. There are several ways to switch to a new email address, but the most convenient is to sign up for a free trial. If you choose the free version, you can test the app for 14 days. Alternatively, you can contact Airtable’s support team via email or the help menu in the app. The Enterprise plan also includes professional services like success management and priority support.

Professional plan

The Professional plan removes the branding and lets you sync up to 1000 records. This plan is ideal for individuals, startups, and data-driven web apps that need a unique brand identity. It also unlocks advanced features such as a collaborator, unlimited data sync, and custom code. You can also set up memberships for up to 10,000 users with this plan. There are several Airtable plans to choose from. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


If your organization is large enough, the Airtable Enterprise plan offers customizable features for businesses of all sizes. Aside from increased storage capacity, you can also access revision history for up to three years. The Enterprise plan also features VIP perks such as a dedicated account manager and individualized onboarding and training. You can also expect to get support from a dedicated account manager who can guide you through the various features of the software. If you want to use the full potential of Airtable, go for the Enterprise plan.

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