October 6, 2022
Tips for Canadian Citizenship Application

Tips for Canadian Citizenship Application

Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations because of its liberal policies. If you plan to settle in Canada and are interested in getting a Permanent Residence in Canada, then you have to ensure that your Canadian Citizenship Application is flawless. You can take advice from visa immigration consultants if you want to ensure that you have covered all the requirements. Each year the number of people applying for Canadian citizenship increases. According to IRCC, Canada has already surpassed its citizenship aim for 2021-2022.

Tips for Canadian Citizenship Application 

– Live in Canada for Several Years

You cannot stay there via the Canada visitor visa from India and then apply for Canadian citizenship. To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you have to live there as a permanent resident for at least three years. In addition, staying in Canada for more than three years will strengthen your application. Therefore, keeping a travel log and documenting the number of days you spend in and out of Canada would be best.

– Secure a valid job

A secure job can improve your chances of succeeding  with your Canadian citizenship application. It is because having a stable job portrays you as an asset and not a liability to the economy of Canada.

– Keep a Clean Record

The award for one of the world’s top ten most peaceful countries has gone to Canada, as they take law and order very seriously. Therefore, if you want a successful result of your citizenship application, you must abide by the law at every aspect of your life. For example, your Canadian visitor visa from India can be denied because of minor offenses like unpaid traffic penalties, etc. Thus, to get your Canadian Citizenship, you need to maintain a clean record.

– Language Skills

Canada considers English and French as its official languages. You have to be able to communicate proficiently in either of these two languages. Your language skills will be scrutinized by the proof you submitted with your application, and you will go through a test to note your proficiency by a relevant immigration officer. In addition, you need to meet the Canadian Language Benchmark to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship. 

– File Taxes

Ensuring that you are tax-compliant can boost your application. Therefore, file your taxes on time and submit your tax returns for the relevant year before applying for Citizenship, as the immigration officer will surely review your tax records. 

– Study the History

If you want to become a citizen of Canada, you will need to take a test that will consist of questions about all the things relevant to Canada. Therefore, it’s not just about history but everything related to Canada. You should thus thoroughly understand your rights as a Canadian citizen. Therefore, it’s not just about history but everything related to Canada. You should thus thoroughly understand your rights as a Canadian citizen.

A visa immigration consultants can provide you with more knowledge about submitting a perfect Canadian Citizenship application.


It is very easy to apply for Canadian citizenship. However, the whole application process can take up to twenty-six months. Therefore, ensure that you are eligible for citizenship in Canada the day before you submit your application; otherwise, you’d have to go through the whole process again.

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