October 1, 2022

As a proud veteran who has served our country, you are well deserving of VA disability benefits based on injuries or diseases that occurred on your active duty. These added benefits can enhance your quality of life after your discharge.

These benefits include pensions, compensation, and some other benefits such as grants for veterans with certain service-connected disabilities. For veterans who are 65+, there are a few other benefits available as well.  And if you are facing any difficulty KDVMA (K&D Veterans medical assessment) is here to help you. 

VA Disability Benefits Eligibility Criteria

Here, you should note that the VA disability benefits (compensation) are only for veterans who have a service-related injury or illness. For that, you have to fulfill a few requirements that will determine if you are eligible for the benefits. If you fulfill all the requirements, you will be able to avail all the VA disability benefits via the VA disability compensation.

You Must Meet These Requirements To Be Eligible For Getting The VA Benefits.;

  1. You have a current injury or illness (from your service) that is affecting your body or mind. 
  2. You have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. 
  3. Plus, at least one of the following must be present in your case;
  4. You had an injury or illness before joining the military and serving in the military made it worse. 
  5. You got injured or sick while you were serving in the military and you can link it with your current disability condition.
  6. You got a disability condition while you were on your active duty service, but it did not show up until your service ended. It is called a post-service disability claim. 

Note: The veterans as well as their qualified dependents are covered in the compensation program. 

VA Disability Benefits

The benefits include payments for healthcare, dependent family members, housing assistance (rents, house loan payments, etc), burial benefits for family members, pension benefits, etc. 

Further education or career support

If you are a veteran you can access the VA education benefits. It will cover your education tuitions and lets you select a career, choose trade, and more. Conditions required for these benefits include; 

  1. Honorable discharge from the military.
  2. You have gotten your high school diploma, 12 college credit hours, or GED.
  3. You meet all other requirements.

Healthcare support

The healthcare support will help you cover all your service connected disabilities. You will be able to get care and services to treat illness or injury, prevent any sort of further health issues, and enhance the quality of your life. 

Pension benefits

These benefits are for injured or wartime veterans whose income or net worth is within certain limits that are set by the “Congress”. You can get these benefits only if you have a total or permanent disability. 

Housing assistance

With housing assistance, you can cover the costs of your rent or home loans. 

Contact KDVMA now!

The fastest way possible to apply online is to use the trustworthy services of KDVMA experts. Our experts are board-certified physicians so they always examine your medical files accurately. This will help you get your much-deserved VA disability benefits with ease. So book your appointment now at 678.349.1816 or visit our website, and make your claim application hassle-free.

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