October 1, 2022

Auto restoration is an exciting pastime for car enthusiasts love. However, when working on projects, you need to ensure that the car and the time and costs you spend on it are worth it. So, to be successful in this endeavor, it is prudent for you to know as a car restorer what factors identify a lucky find for you to complete the project and be fully satisfied with your efforts. 

  • Gene Bernshtam- an expert who speaks on auto restoration projects 

Gene Bernshtam is a leading business, investment, and finance expert based in the USA. He is also a commercial real estate property developer and has invaluable experience and knowledge in the field. Besides the above, he is a passionate collector of classic cars and actively engages in auto restoration projects. 

  • Transforming old cars 

According to him, he loves and is always excited at the prospect of getting an old car back to life. In his opinion, a car restoration specialist like him will always recognize a fortunate find when they look at one!

Recently, a leading name in auto restoration, Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers, got a 1976 Land Rover Series 3 with a bright orange color. This vehicle is undoubtedly one of the classiest 4×4 cars in town. 

However, according to him, these acquisitions of old classic cars are often nearly impossible for you to register, especially in a region like California. 

  • Registration of cars from the ’70s, ’80s, and the 90’s- Smog Testing 

When it comes to getting vehicle registration from the ’70s, 80’s, and 90’s, owners of these cars face an issue- smog testing. According to him, this smog testing process stops them from getting registered. 

There are several environmental considerations today, and testing for old cars is less favorable because the technology used in old engines does not comply with the emission standards that have evolved with time today. Car enthusiasts must be aware of the above factor, especially if they have just started with auto restoration projects. 

  • Land Rover Series 3 and registration 

According to him, a specific Land Rover Series 3 can be considered a lucky find because it is already registered in its idle state in Los Angeles. Several car owners will jump at this unique opportunity to gain possession of a registered Land Rover Series 3, even if it is costly. However, today the reality is many of them do not have registration. 

Gene Bernshtam further adds that relatively new car models like the Land Rover Defenders are helpful and functional in modern times; however, they cannot be registered due to the smog-testing factor. However, with the model of Mike Brewer for buying and selling cars for profits, all he does is restore the vehicle to perfection with the guarantee that a devoted collector is waiting for the unique opportunity to become the owner of one! Which one will you buy and why?

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