October 1, 2022

Leverage is a term that you will habitually find while trading forex or some other product. A tool expands the buying force of the merchant’s store.

The component is subsidized by the broker, or rather the liquidity supplier working with the broker. The higher the influence is, the more subsidies we can put resources into trading, the less cash is expected for the trade margin and in this way, the less is the trading cost. Be that as it may, influence is likewise a two-sided deal, as higher influence rates can likewise make high gambles.

Most of Forex EAs utilize high leverage rates to procure benefits within a brief timeframe. Yet, this likewise carries with it, the gamble of an account losing all the funds. For those brokers who need to utilize EAs but don’t maintain that the gamble should be extended excessively, there are a few generally safe forex EAs accessible. Coming up next is a rundown of Forex expert advisors that work with 1:100 leverage.

3 Best Forex Robots

Below is a list of the five best forex robots for automated trading:

Werewolf Forex Robot

Werewolf EA is a Forex trading robot programmed and developed by Sinry Advice. Werewolf is a high-profit high-risk EA that works on 9 different pairs and uses a strategy based on 3 different scalping strategies. Using werewolf is different from other EAs and it’s not suitable for long-term investment, because it might face a huge drawdown anytime. Whenever the EA made a 10% profit, We suggest withdrawing it. This EA is not suitable for a compounding strategy in which users are capable of taking a quick profit.

Forex Megadroid

Forex Megadroid is a forex EA that utilizations switch related to time and cost examination. It trades EURUSD and GBPUSD cash matches on the M30 time period. A very rare example of EAs utilizes this method, with the capacity to figure out market patterns changes that can occur in the following 2-4 hours.

A striking component of this forex robot is “market adjusting insight” which permits the EA to adjust to the market’s changing patterns and can refresh itself.


Fortnite is a forex EA that utilizes a blend of Pattern/Support with the High/Center/Generally safe Setting. This MT4 viable agent utilizes chosen fence/pattern following methodologies trying to accomplish unrivaled gamble-changed returns. This approach is otherwise called the lookback ride approach which exploits elevated degrees of unpredictability on the lookout.

Red Horse Robot

Red Horse deals with market cost utilizing a Top-base methodology and is volume and instability based. Joined with a savvy Signal the EA will put in a request trade when flagged. Red Horse Sign Framework is fit for understanding the opinion of the market up to 85%.

Assuming the market goes past the cost request the EA’s lattice will begin trading. Red Horse depends on no kind of time meeting and has different scalping frameworks that complete 3 sorts of trading pairs.

With its month-to-month benefit gain and drawdown limit previously isolating it from different EAs available, Red Horse’s actual contrast is the way that: Red Horse isn’t completely computerized, what do we mean by that? Indeed, all Red Pony clients are associated with one fundamental trading framework which is constrained by our master merchants. Without a doubt, Red Horse is the best forex robot.

The main system trades in light of the given technique anyway, brokers put down the point in time, drawdown, and days that the EA ought to trade. Because of this new technique, there is no gamble of losing money in the account with Red Horse since every one of its exercises is checked and constrained by our group of specialists. All clients will share the specific trades as the primary framework.