October 1, 2022
Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Research Paper

Academic writing tasks are something that can never be escaped. It surely is a challenging task to write research papers, assignments, essays, and dissertations but it is also a fact that these writing projects help in a better understanding of the particular topic. In addition to that; it is a sure-shot way of improving your grades.

Academic writing is not like other forms of writing where you can pen your heart out. In fact, academic writing is all about following the particular format, structure, and outline of a particular writing form. One such writing form which is quite commonly assigned to students is Research paper writing.  This post is all about research paper writing and the dos plus don’ts of this form of writing.

Research paper:

One thing that is quite clear about this form of writing is that a lot and a lot of research has to be done in it. It can be defined as a piece of academic writing in which analysis, interpretation, and argument are done with the inculcation of thorough research. 


The purpose of writing research paper is to give an opinion on a particular topic after gathering a lot of data and sources. It is to give your perspective in favor of or against a particular statement and then justify it with pieces of evidence. Students get to specialize in their field of interest, improving their research capabilities and problem-solving skills, where effective research tools are used to identify a particular solution (helpwithdissertation, 2021).

Research proposal:

Before starting a research paper, a research proposal is written by the student in which he tells about what he intends to do in his research work. After the research proposal has been approved by the instructor, only then the student will be able to continue with the research work. This is why students often take Research Proposal Help from different platforms so that their intended research work can be approved without much struggle.

Ideal length:

The average length of the research paper is about 5,000 to 6,000 words. However; there are times when a research paper is as short as 2,000 or can be as long as 10,000 words. 

Research paper VS Dissertation:

Research paper writing and dissertation writing are almost the same things except for a few differences between them. Dissertation writing can be defined as the kind of research paper that is submitted as a final project for master’s or PhD level program. A dissertation is the longest piece of academic writing which is why it is only natural for students to take Dissertation Help from professional writers. On the other hand; a research paper is something that can be conducted at the bachelor’s, masters, as well as Ph.D. level and it is not a final project but its score is counted on final grades.

Do’s and dons of research paper writing:

There are many platforms and posts which teach the process of writing a research paper. They teach how to write a research paper but it is also important to know what not to write on it. Students often include the things that must not be written in this particular form of writing. So, here is a look of Dos and dons of writing a research paper.

· Do’s of writing a research paper:

Following are some such points that must be included in a research paper:


Make sure that your research work is divided into the main sections which make up the whole project. These main sections include;

  • Title page.
  • Abstract.
  • Introduction.
  • Methods.
  • Results.
  • Discussion.
  • References.
  • Table and figures.
  • Appendixes.

2. Remain theme-oriented:

You are not writing stories or fictional work so be clear with your topic. Remain as close to the topic as possible without playing with the words too much. Remember that the purpose of research work is research, so be clear with your words.

3. Do extensive research:

Do as much research as possible from different sources but authentic ones. It will be even better if you could add the citations from the research links that your institute or the instructor has suggested. The more the research, the better the project will come out to be.

4. Follow the format and style:

Writing is important but the format and structure of the research paper also count a lot. This is why make sure to follow the style and format that is acceptable in your educational institute. However; mostly all research works have the same format that must be followed.

5.Proofread and edit:

Proofreading and editing the project before submitting is nearly as important as writing the research work from the beginning. It is because you never know what you missed or where you went wrong unless you give it a read.

Besides these; there may be some of the core elements that the examiners look for; some kind of forecasting statement at the start, a clear indication of your research work contribution, and how you laid out the evidence for your claim throughout your project (Murray, 16th feb, 2017).

Don’s of writing:

Knowing the dons of writing is as important as the do’s that must be inculcated. Following are some such points that must not be there in the research work;

1.      Don’t wander around:

Never ever wander around the topic without getting to any proper conclusion that has evidence and reference to explain it. Be clear and precise.

2.      Don’t exceed the word limit:

The word limit of a research paper is already quite lengthy so there is no need to exceed it because this makes it difficult for the reader to go through the project.

3.      Don’t cite Wikipedia:

Never use the reference Wikipedia for your academic projects because it is not an authentic site.

4.      Don’t copy:

Never copy the content from any other research work thinking that nobody would know because they will.


Research paper writing is an important form of academic writing that helps teachers in assessing students’ growth and evaluate their understanding of the topic. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the students in research paper writing in a much better way.


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