October 6, 2022

Mechanical keyboards are getting more sought-after as users realise the advantages they provide compared to traditional electronic keyboards.

They are said to do better in programming, typing, and Gaming.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

This guide to mechanical keyboards will be in-depth, answer any questions you may have, and provide a detailed explanation of the various mechanical keyboards and their advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are a kind of keyboard that has different switches under each key. The switch will be activated by pressing down on the key, which then transmits an electrical signal to your computer.

Mechanical keyboards are long-lasting,  and have been proven to boost productivity. In contrast to membrane keyboards, they don’t have membranes. The mechanical keyboard is ideal for programming, typing, or Gaming.

Mechanical keyboards are built from tiny components that are assembled. Mechanical keyboards comprise numerous elements that comprise the entire circuit and build a layout.

In comparison to conventional membrane keyboards, Mechanical keyboards are more robust and durable. They also have a wider variety of tactile feedback that can help improve your typing speed and accuracy.

If you’d like to learn how mechanical keyboards function, You can read this guide created by me.

Components of Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a favourite among computer users due to their tactile feedback, which gives users a feeling of control. They last longer as well as conventional keyboards.

The components that make up the mechanical keyboard are:

  1. Mechanical Switches
  2. Chassis (Frame or the Keyboard Housing)
  3. Keycap
  4. Circuit of PCB on keyboards
  5. Additional components(like dampeners and stabilisers)

Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Mechanical Switches are keys that constitute an important form factor for mechanical keyboards and are the primary reason for the keyboard’s performance.

The portion of the keyboard gets pressed to type a letter. The switch comprises an underlying base, a spring, and two contacts.

Once the keys are pressed, the spring is compressed, and the contacts contact, complete this circuit and tell the computer which is the type of letter that was entered.

Mechanical switches are keys to which clicks are made and are registered.

Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

As previously mentioned, the mechanical keyboard switches, as an individual component, are essential in recording keyboard clicks.

The typing performance and experience entirely depend on the keyboard. A few of the well-known Mechanical Keyboards Switch manufacturers are Cherry MX.

Others include Kailh, Otemu, etc.

Need More Switches?

There is a variety of mechanical switches (Based on the color): Blue Switch, Red Switch Brown Switch, Black Switch, Green Switch

The PCB of the keyboard circuit

A PCB circuit keyboard is a circuit board that houses the electronic parts of keyboards. PCB circuits can also be thought of as the core for the keyboard.

PCB of the keyboard circuit

It’s responsible for transmitting the keyboard’s signals to the computer, letting the keyboard function just as it is supposed to.

This circuit is responsible for detecting when a key is pressed and transmits the info to the computers.

Other Components

Although the components mentioned above are the primary element, the rest of the features make up a mechanical keyboard or are needed now and then when you use your keyboard.


The mechanical keyboard features each key as a distinct moveable component. The larger keys, like those on the bar key, can cause some issues with stability.

This is why stabilizers are put under the keys to ensure keys are straight and stable for an excellent typing experience.

In the absence of the stabilizer, you’ll lose typing comfort since you’d get the switch with less stability that could shake.


Dampness or noise reducers are employed to cut down the noise generated by the switches, which work just like magic.

Rings with the shape of O made from rubber work well to dampen the mechanical keyboard, including with blue switches.


Lubrication is an integral element for mechanical switches, and lubricating the mechanical switches is a crucial job.

It creates a pleasant diving experience by reducing friction or noise. Removing the keys will help you get a constant click while typing.

Types of Mechanical Keyboards Layout

Mechanical keyboards come in various dimensions, and they could have a standard full-sized layout or a custom layout which can create more benefits from comfort.

They come in a variety of sizes and layouts, apart from the standard keyboard layout, which is similar to

  • Full-Size Keyboards (100%)
  • 1800 Compact (96%) Keyboard
  • 80% Keyboard
  • 75% Keyboard
  • 65% Keyboard
  • 60% Keyboard
  • 40% Keyboard

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Highly Durable

In any keyboard, durability is an important aspect to think about. Mechanical keyboards are robust adequate, and suitable for any task that requires a lot of performance, such as Gaming. In Gaming, Durability is an important aspect to think about.

Due to their long-lasting and reliability, mechanical keyboards are also a choice for professionals.

Many mechanical keyboards are designed to break down in mild drop to medium drops.

2. Highly Customizable

Mechanical keyboards are renowned for their ability to personalize themselves and provide convenience to users.

Gamers love the ambiance of RGB switches that have anti-ghosting capabilities. Programmers and typists are awed by the various layouts of keyboards, including the compact and compact 60 percent layout.

Since not all keys on the keyboard are necessary, as some keys can be redundant as well, having a well-designed layout can eliminate unnecessary keys in the layout, such as the numbers keys on the left and those function keys(F1 from F12).

3. Long-Lasting

Because of their sturdy design and construction, mechanical keyboards last approximately 10 – 15 years if used in heavy use. Their longevity is much better than that membrane keyboards that are often destroyed in a year or so.

Mechanical keyboards are constructed of high-quality, well-designed switches that affect the amount of longevity they can expect.

4. Enhanced Typing and Gaming Experience

If you have Mechanical Keyboards, you will enjoy a more enjoyable typing experience. The key’s activation is 40-50 grams depending on the key. You also receive feedback, which will make your typing experience more enjoyable.

I like typing with mechanical keys a lot. Mechanical switches can also boost your typing speed and, consequently, your productivity.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Mechanical keys can be noisy.

The mechanical keys are loud. For instance, the type that is clicky keys, also known as. The Cherry MX Blue keys are extremely noisy, and they’re not suited to be used in the workplace or anywhere where noise might be an issue.

Contrary to that, the mechanical keyboards with linear designs or membrane keyboards aren’t in any way noisy.

Suppose you are looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard with a profile. If so, it is possible to search for linear keys, the best choice for office use.

2. High Price

Mechanical keyboards have the highest price. Compared to mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards are typically ten times more affordable.

Since they are priced high at this point, many don’t choose the mechanical keyboard. Although mechanical keyboards can be expensive, they’re worth it.

3. Mechanical keyboards are extremely heavy

Contrary to Membrane type of keyboards, which weigh between 500 and 700 grams, mechanical keyboards weigh more than 1.5 kilograms. Mechanical keyboards average approximately 1.3 to 1.8 kilograms.

Top Mechanical Keyboard Brands

The most well-known peripheral manufacturers are mainly in the industry of mechanical keyboards. The quality and the innovation they have put into the mechanical keyboards are laudable.

The most well-known mechanical keyboard brands include:

  1. Logitech is a well-known brand for its peripherals across all categories and with reliable products that last a long time and work well.
  2. SteelSeries is the best gaming keyboard.
  3. Razer is the best choice for long-lasting and mechanical keyboards that are high-performance.
  4. Corsair is renowned for its top-quality mechanical keyboard.

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