December 9, 2022
Causes and Treatments

Several factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction. These include mental health issues, STIs, and Surgical procedures, among others. To learn more about these conditions, read on! This article will highlight some of the most common causes of ED and the treatments available. There are several treatments that can help with erectile dysfunction. If none of these treatments work for you, try a new treatment.

Mental health issues

Men may feel embarrassed about sexual health problems and delay seeking medical attention, resulting in erectile dysfunction (ED). While some men may feel ashamed of seeking medical treatment, ED is often related to underlying conditions. For instance, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of a developing condition, such as coronary heart disease. Therefore, a physician should ask patients about their sexual functioning in order to detect serious health problems earlier. Fildena and Fildena 100 is the best medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction.  


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve a pleasing erection during sexual intercourse. Chlamydia, an infection of the testicles and prostate, can cause erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms of chlamydia include pain in the testicles, reduced blood flow to the penis, and anxiety about sexually transmitted diseases.

Surgical procedures

Penile revascularization is one of the surgical procedures for erectile dysfunction. The procedure bypasses clogged penile arteries, restoring adequate blood flow to the penis and helping men achieve and maintain an erection. This procedure is not for men who have atherosclerosis, a condition that causes the arteries in the body to harden. If you’re considering this procedure, there are several things you should know.


There are many potential complications of radiation treatment and erectile dysfunction. Some cases have shown that radiation increases the risk of vascular damage. While the erectile function of the penis is multifactorial, radiation has been associated with a decrease in vascular density and decreased penile bulb volume. In these cases, the most effective treatments are to reduce the radiation dose and provide other treatments to correct the underlying cause of ED. Fildena 150 is most used to improve ED.  


Erectile dysfunction is a serious health problem that affects 50% of men in the USA. While the underlying causes of ED are largely psychological or physiological, a substantial proportion of men also suffer from iatrogenic causes. Common medications that cause erectile dysfunction are antihypertensives, antacids, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you or your partner are taking one of these medications, your physician should discuss possible alternative treatments.


There are many signs that you may have erectile dysfunction, and depression is one of them. Depression can cause changes to brain chemicals, which are involved in triggering arousal and pleasure during sex. This affects your erection, making it more difficult to achieve. Moreover, if you suffer from depression, it may affect your sex life, as the lower levels of estrogen can disrupt natural lubrication.

Heart disease

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and many of these men may have underlying heart disease, such as atherosclerosis. This condition puts men at high risk for heart disease, and ED is a common early warning sign of heart disease. Men with coronary heart disease, in particular, are more likely to develop the condition. Fortunately, there are some treatments available for ED. Learn more about heart disease and erectile dysfunction. Click here for more details.

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