October 6, 2022

How to Sell Photos Online: For Both Amateur and Pro Photographers

How to sell photos online: for both amateur and pro photographers by lexi conn content business ideas 4 May 2020 16 minutes read email Pinterest Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

Most people who become successful start their own businesses because they’re in it for the money. It can seem hard to make it when anyone with the newest iPhone can call themselves a “photographer” and everyone is using some sort of free photo editing software.

This guide will explore some of the things you need to know about selling photographs online with resources and business ideas to help you make your photography-based business a reality.

Table of Contents. Selling photographs on the web is one of the best ways to monetize your creative hobby, and this book will show you how to get started. You’ll learn the basic eCommerce setup, and you’ll also learn how to integrate eCommerce into your portfolio. If you’re interested in getting started with a new online business, you can’t go wrong with the Photography 101 series.

In order to create a profitable business by selling pictures as photo books, you need to sell your photos as a service and follow legal guidelines, terms, and copyright laws when doing so. This book covers everything from the technical side of creating a photo business to legal jargon, such as who owns your photos and what rights you have.

Selling photos online, how to turn your passion into profit, FAQ about selling photos online.

Define your niche

If you want to be a successful photographer you need to define your niche. Your audience will only stick around if your work has something that interests them.

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ways to find your niche and find your audience.

You can also analyse the demand for certain topics using keyword research to analyse the search volume for terms related to your photographs. Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that shows you the search volume right below your Google search, making it easy to find and experiment with in-demand subjects and angles to see what you can cater to with your photographs.

1.The keywords “dogs” has a CPC of around ₹

2.46 with a monthly search volume of above 90,

3. Anything that has an average of more than 1,000 monthly searches is a high-value keyword to consider targeting.

It doesn’t matter what kind of photographer you are, whether you’re freelance or selling images online, if you’re not building and leveraging your audience to help you grow your business, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to start generating consistent income.

You can make money by being part of any of these platforms. For example, Instagram is a visual social platform and includes a built-in audience for brands and individuals. Also, it has an option to sell licences to use your photos. You can use other platforms like Tumblr and create your own blog or website. The options are endless, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

By linking your various accounts you make it easier to manage your photo sharing across several platforms, which is good for the visibility of your photographs, especially important when you’re trying to sell your photos online.

You can see in Instagram Settings > Linked Accounts > Other Apps > IFTTT, how you can use IFTTT for more than just Instagram. This is a great tool to create useful integrations between apps that usually don’t integrate with each other, like Instagram and Dropbox.

When you’re posting photos and videos to Instagram, you can use the #Hashtagify feature to find relevant, active hashtags that will increase the visibility of your posts.

Integrate eCommerce into your portfolio

Integrate eCommerce into your portfolio. Most photographers have a main portfolio website to showcase their work. Adding eCommerce to it, including the ability to accept payments, can open several doors to monetization, like selling courses, physical products, and services. FRP bypass tool

A photo of a white peacock was the inspiration for a new theme I created called “Art and Photography” which allows you to showcase your love for photography. I’ve also added several other themes you can use, and I’m happy to help you choose one if you have questions about how to get started.

You might also consider installing an app like Digital Downloads to add more functionality such as digital downloads, Instagram gallery, and more. For convenience, you can also use Linkpop to create a shoppable link connecting your online store with your social media platforms.

When it comes to selling photos online, there are 2 essential steps to get started. Let’s talk about the best places where you can sell photos online and start making money.

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