September 27, 2022
Face Moisturizer

The skin absorbs the bulk of what we apply to it, be it lotions, creams or oils. We’ve all experienced the negative effects of products that do not work for our skin. Itchy rashes, dryness, irritation and rashes are common.lets discuss about

 The most natural and organic moisturizers can improve the health of your skin with gentle plants, active ingredients and substances that the skin loves, such as Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, squalane and oils. Moisturizing is a crucial part of a daily routine. After cleansing, your skin will be clear, free of oil, and dry.

This means that you should moisturize your skin following cleansing. It’s time to eliminate the old products because they can cause irreparable harm to your skin in the long run. To make your routine for skincare more safe and organic, you should use organic facial creams.

Organic products are made up of natural ingredients that nourish our skin without being harsh on it . They also give hydration to healthy skin. Choose your moisturizers according to your skin type like water-based or gel-based moisturizers that are suitable for skin with oily complexions, oil or cream-based moisturizers for dry skin and oil-based or cream-based lotions that are suitable for the normal face.

List of  Best Ayurvedic Face Moisturizer

1) Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer

Face Moisturizer

Plum green tea moisturizer blends extracts of green tea and glycolic acid for smooth, non-greasy skin . regular water retention throughout the day. The ingredients in green tea fight acne while hydrating your face in an even fashion glycolic acid gently exfoliates pores, keeping skin clean and free of oil.

 This moisturizer is lightweight because it is water-based and oil-free. It is a medium-to-a thin consistency. It isn’t too thin and neither too thick.

It provides an ungreasy, matte look on the skin. Additionally, this is a non-comedogenic, green tea moisturizer that won’t block your pores. The Plum moisturizer is cruelty-free vegan and is free of SLS and parabens.

2) Just Herbs Fagel Instant Glow All Purpose Beauty Gel

Just Herbs Fagel’s Instant Glow All-Purpose Beauty Gel is a potent blend of holy basil, turmeric and cucumber. They reduce sun-damaged. The Just Herbs Fagel Instant Glow All-Purpose Beauty Gel instantly brightens skin, making it appear radiant. It moisturizes and enlightens the skin without appearing too heavy.

 The anti-inflammatory properties of powerful plants protect skin from sun-induced damage and improve blood circulation and also give it the healthy glow. Indian Madder’s Ayurvedic properties can help even the skin tone.

 This is an emerald green gel that’s refreshing and light. It is absorbed into the skin in just a couple of strokes and instantly gives it the appearance plump and nourished. For oily skin, it’s a multi-purpose beauty cream. It’s composed of natural plant extracts , known to nourish skin, regenerate and beautify qualities.

3) BIOTIQUE Bio Coconut Moisturizer

Bio coconut is made up of pure botanical extracts, such as manjistha, nariyal, badam root and nimbu leaf. They combine to give you flawless, spot-free skin. The organic and natural ingredients provide you with a clear smooth, soft and even tone to your skin.

Its drawback is being a bit oily and greasy, which makes it ineffective for those who have oily skin. It’s a great choice for use during winter months and for those who suffer from dry skin.

It provides your skin with radiant health and glow. It also is soft and creamy to the touch, perfect for people who have dry skin. It’s among the most effective organic facial creams to moisturize dry skin.

4) SoulTree Moisturizing Gel – Tulsi and Sandalwood

Soultree moisturizers made of sandalwood, tulsi aid in helping control the production of excessive oil (Sebum) as well as hydrating your skin. It is produced using the traditional Ayurveda formula, which is the most natural skin moisturizer. Jojoba and olive Oils are combined together with Organic Honey to create a soft, non-oily and nutritious base.

The gel aids in the replenishment and renewal of the skin. Sandalwood along with Aloe Vera extracts can be included for the cream to soothe the skin and reduce irritation. Herbs that fight acne such as Lodhra, Tulsi, and Neem help in cleansing as well as closing the pores.

 The moisturizer is full of humectants. It has a soft gel-like consistency , which immediately is absorbed into your skin. There’s no greasy or shine that remains, and it helps to hydrate and preserve the suppleness of oily skin.

5.) Mamaearth oil-free facial moisturizer Made with Apple Cider Vinegar

Mamaearth’s oil-free moisturizing cream helps to balance the pH of your skin, which prevents breakouts from acne. It assists in maintaining its natural skin moisture creating a soft, smooth. It minimizes acne and pimples, cleanses the oil, as well as protects the pores from their recurrence.

 The non-greasy cream is devoid of parabens and SLS as well as colorants, sulfates, artificial preservatives, mineral oil, as well as scents. Mamaearth’s Apple Cider Vinegar moisturizing cream is a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores and won’t cause breakouts, which makes it ideal for skin with acne.

Additionally, it’s one of the top organic moisturizers that can be used for skin with oily pores. The moisturizer is light on the skin and provides nourishment without making it oily. When it’s humid or hot it’s the best moisture product to treat oily skin and also aids in dry acne.


We’ve discovered Best Ayurvedic Face Moisturizer  that are suitable for all skin type. It’s the best way to achieve naturally glowing skin. The moisturizers are made with ingredients like organic Jojoba oil and seeds oils and shea butter to make your skin radiant and prepared to face your day with confidence.

We use our moisturizer each and every morning, and at night. After all that time is it worth looking at switching to a cleaner, more sustainable, natural formula that’s good for the environment and you. However, you don’t need to sacrifice results, texture or the health of your skin to choose a formulation with no ingredients you might want to stay clear of.

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